American stock exchanges continue with their rise «

On Monday around 15.50 hours the Dow Jones Industrial Index rose by 207.25 units, or 0.80 percent, to 25,997.60. The S & P 500 index gained 17.15 points or 0.60 percent to 2,891.84 points. The Nasdaq Composite index rose by 46.71 points or 0.59 percent to 7,992.69 units.

With that, Wall Street continued its record hunt last week. On Friday, signs of continued cautious monetary policy had pushed the Nasdaq Composite technology index and the broad S & P 500 to historic highs.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sees no major threat to overheating the US economy despite favorable economic conditions. He considers further gradual interest rate increases as appropriate.

Despite the current good mood on the stock market, the continuing smoldering trade dispute between the US and China remains in the minds of investors. He can always be a strangler again.

Tesla for the time being in the min

Of the individual values, attention is focused on Tesla. Managing director Elon Musk gave up his plan to get the electric car manufacturer from the fair. Musk had surprisingly announced in a tweet on 7 August that he was considering removing Tesla from the stock market at a stock price of $ 420. Tesla would have been worth about $ 70 billion. "Financing secured", added Musk. The action had caused a lot of commotion, initially raising the price and the regulator on the stock market on the spot. Musk later acknowledged that Saudi Arabia's financing obligation is not yet on the agenda – despite the fact that this impression came at the end of July.

Now the Tesla boss has withdrawn his announcements anyway. The zig-zag course could feed the current investigation of the powerful US SEC Securities and Exchange Commission on Musk's actions. The Tesla newspapers started Monday with minus 0.70 percent.

In addition, the pharmaceutical industry gave a new impulse: for the Dow-listed documents from Johnson & Johnson (J & J), it fell by 0.57 percent in early trading. The coagulation inhibitor Xarelto von Bayer, which was marketed by a J & J subsidiary in the US, had negative study data. Pfizer, on the other hand, showed in his research the effectiveness of his hopeful Tafamidis. The drug significantly reduces the risk of death in patients with rare heart conditions. Tafamidis is expected to bring the group more than a billion dollars a year in the coming years. However, the shares lost 0.50 percent.

Apple's shares, on the other hand, were on the list of Dow prize winners to raise the paper by 0.30 percent. Apple wants to take over the design of the current top model X for all price ranges of its next iPhone generation. The company wants to work with a phone in three different screen sizes in the Christmas business, wrote the financial services company Bloomberg, referring to informed people.

Wanted in the early trade and car values. Industry benefits from the prospect of an agreement between Mexico and the US in the dispute over a new version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). General Motors' papers rose 1.84 percent, Ford gained 1.62 percent and Fiat Chrysler won 2.02 percent.


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