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Star investor Warren Buffett had a gift for IT giant Apple on his 88th birthday: he expanded his interest in the company again. He had just bought "a little", he told American broadcaster CNBC on Thursday in an interview. Buffett had recently increased its stake in Apple in the second quarter – by about five percent. As a result, his investment that Berkshire Hathaway last had, Apple shares worth about $ 56 billion in the portfolio, making it one of the largest shareholders.

Buffett comments on rumors about Apple's accession to Tesla

As such, his word has weight and Apple CEO Tim Cook must be precise, Warren Buffett to a possible expansion of the business field. As part of a Fox Business birthday interview, asking what he thinks of Apple at Tesla, he said Thursday, "That would be a very bad idea." Building a long-term competitive advantage in the automotive industry is much more difficult than in the technology segment, where companies could use speed, scale and network effects to compete with competitors, Buffett said. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence in Apple's CEO: "I would support everything Tim Cook does," continues Berkshire's boss.

criticism Elon Musk

In this context, Buffett particularly criticized Tesla boss Elon Musk: "If you promise, you have corrected immediately," said the 88-year-olds. Specifically, if you have a share that "behaves as angry", then you have to say a few minutes later "I promised myself when I said the financing was safe, instead I thought I could secure the financing. " Buffett responded to a tweet on August 7, in which the Tesla boss said out of nowhere that he considered taking Tesla from the bank, the financing was insured.

After the Twela share rose sharply as a result of tweeting, it became clear the following days that Musk had apparently dropped the tweet without the knowledge of the board of directors of Tesla, and instead he lost the potential interest of investors to privatize Tesla explores. It is precisely this action that could make Musk an idiot, because the US Securities and Exchange Commission has undertaken investigations that could have serious consequences for the Tesla boss.


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