BMW shows the first self-propelled motorcycle engine

An invention that all bikers have been waiting for for years: BMW has introduced the first autonomous motorcycle. At the BMW Group test location in Miramas, southern France, a BMW R 1200 GS turned its rounds for journalists as guided by a ghost hand.

The bicycle will automatically roll

The vehicle, developed by BMW Motorrad, drives automatically, accelerates, circles a swinging test track and automatically stops it.

You can now comfortably sit on the couch at home, while the BMW scooters cycle quickly through the area. A small question is allowed: is this really logical?

Source: BMW

Yes, BMW says. With this development Bayern absolutely does not strive for the fully self-propelled motorcycle. On the contrary, the underlying technology should serve as a platform for development for future systems and functions to make motorcycling even safer and more comfortable. This should significantly increase the driving pleasure.

The prototype

The aim of the development of this prototype is to gather driving dynamics knowledge to be able to detect dangerous situations at an early stage and thus support the driver with suitable safety systems, for example at intersections, during turning or during fast braking.

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