Börse Express – Federal Minister for the Environment calls for giving up & # 39; interference & # 39; in the coal commission

Federal Minister of Environment Svenja Schulze has with
Look at the work of the government committee on the exit of the coalition
"Sturgeons" warned. The SPD politician told the Germans
Press Agency in Berlin: "The search for a consensus in this
difficult questions is a big plus. I expect all pages
abstain from strangers and the debates take place where they
belong to the Commission. "

The next meeting of the Commission "Growth, structural change and
Employment "is on Thursday, the panel is scheduled to end towards the end of
Year prepare an exit of the coal-fired power station and
Proposals for financing and structuring structural changes
in regions such as the Lausitz and the Rheinische Revier.

The Commission is a great opportunity for climate protection, as well
for the affected regions, Schulze said. "It's about one
difficult issue in the broadest possible consensus. we
the transition from an energy sector to us in the
Has brought prosperity to a new past
Electricity, which guarantees our future prosperity, reasonable
climate protection and economic policy
brought together. "We have a clear mandate and one
ambitious timetable for the structural change committee.
Both must be observed. "

Background of the statements is mainly a disagreement over openings of the
Energy company RWE for a mine. RWE defends
the planned October work against mass protests from
Environmental associations and calls them "imperative", such as from one
Letter from RWE CEO Rolf Martin Schmitz to the chairmen of the
Coal commission. A broad alliance of those affected,
Conservationists and ecclesiastical organizations, however, call forth
immediately "brown coal moratorium" for clearance, movement and
Demolition work in the Rhineland. Otherwise an escalation of the threat

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