Börse Express – Press: The car manufacturer Ford could be thousands of jobs in the balance

The car manufacturer Ford
According to a press release, there were up to 24,000 jobs in Europe
deleted. In addition, the discontinuation of production of models such as
Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max probably write the "Sunday
Times, which refers to circles, is increasingly looking at Ford
focus on popular city SUVs. Also the number of dealers
can be reduced. Ford has in the months of April to June
Europe has lost $ 73 million and is suffering
among other things, the loss of diesel sales. In addition, the leads
threaten the Brexit to increasing uncertainty.

Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that Ford holds 12 percent of the shares
202 000 jobs, especially in Europe
Things like the newspaper kept writing. In the UK
Ford employs approximately 12,000 people. The car company tests
also a collaboration with the rival in the van
Volkswagen to save costs./nas

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