Börse Express – ROUNDUP 2: New ThyssenKrupp boss Kerkhoff from old management

(new: statements by CEO Kerkhoff in Handelsblatt)

EET (dpa-AFX) – After a long search, the criss-cross
Industrial group Thyssenkrupp with Guido Kerkhoff after all
to a CEO from his own home. For seven years
the 50-year-old manager as CFO was on the side
the CEO, Heinrich, who surprisingly resigned in the summer
Hiesinger. The graduate in business administration was always considered close
Worker of his boss and as architect of steel fusion with the
Indian Tata Group. After almost three months as interim chef
was the former telecommanager on Sunday by the Supervisory Board
unanimously appointed regular chairman of the board.

At the same time, the inspectors also unanimously for the
Kerkhoff's concept for the recovery of the crisis
Ruhr Group. However, the final decision must be one
The annual general meeting is expected to take place in 2020. the
two ThyssenKrupp main shareholders, the Essen Krupp Foundation and
the Swedish fund Cevian already had approval

According to Kerkhoff's plans, the troubled company should be in two
independent companies have been split up. Both companies
must be based in Essen and be listed on the stock exchange.
An extra staff reduction compared to the already known
There should be no cutbacks in the administration. "We have
found a responsible solution that fits the interests of
Employees, customers and shareholders ",
said Kerkhoff.

The control panel agreement was about weeks
awaiting unclear recruitment. searched
not just a new CEO, but after the resignation of
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ulrich Lehner also a new chief inspector.
It must be greeted after the media reports numerous cancellations
to have. Bernhard Pellens (62) became the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board
who has been a member of the committee since 2005.

After the withdrawal of ex-Telekom CEO René Obermann counts
On the capital side at the moment only eight heads. the
There are ten representatives of the employees, so one
Majority could only be achieved with the votes of the employees.

After being appointed as Interim Chief, the hedge fund Elliott
in a letter to the Supervisory Board a quick termination of the
Delegated by Kerkhoff. The shareholders expected that
looking for a CEO externally, it said
than. Other shareholders such as Union Investment also had one
Report of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" Kerkhoff
initially charged, carried the wrong course of his predecessor
to have a "boss from outside" and demanded.

After Kerkhoff was first pounded about the preservation of the whole group
The traditional materials trade should be replaced by the
Industrial company is broken. On the one hand, the
Thyssenkrupp Materials AG made its 50 percent share among others
the merged steel activities with Indian partner Tata
including. Added to this are the trade in materials and the
The construction of naval ships. In the second company Thyssenkrupp Industrials AG
is about the company with lifts or equipment for the
Automotive industry is bundled.

"The two future companies will not only be Thyssenkrupp
but also the values ​​and culture of ThyssenKrupp life, "said
Kerkhoff. He referred to a basic agreement in the supervisory board
with the employees side. "The new chairman of the Supervisory Board Pellens
announced: "With the decided reshuffle that goes
Take a courageous step forward. Thyssenkrupp is now
a convincing plan that brings the company closer to their customers
and becomes even more efficient. "

Kerkhoff wants to change the way in recent years
"Kosequent" went further, he explained in conversation with the
"Handelsblatt" (Monday). The split is "no emergency plan".
"A clearance is therefore off the table and would not be with me either
"he told the newspaper
similar steps are not planned. / uta / DP / jha

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