Börse Express – ROUNDUP: Chairman of the Federal Reserve announces further interest rate increases

The head of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell
has promised further rate hikes. "Lake
Gradual interest rate increases remain reasonable, "Powell said
Friday at the Federal Reserve Conference in Jackson, USA.
Hole. This applies as far as the strong job and job growth is concerned
Stops – as expected by the Fed.

Powell expressed his confidence once again
economic development. "The economy is strong," said
Powell. Inflation is almost two percent, and the
Most people who are looking for a job could find one.
However, the Fed sees no clear signs of inflation
far above the target of two percent. In spite of the
Robust economic activity is not seen as a danger of overheating.

To the clear criticism of the US Federal Reserve Secretary Donald Trump on the
Fedell did not raise interest rates. Last had
the Fed cut interest rates in early August at a bandwidth of 1.75 to 2.00
Percentage left. So far this year has the central bank
so far twice the policy rate by 0.25 percentage points
increased. Observers expect the next rate hike on the
next meeting on 25 and 26 September.

Powell's speech had yielded little news, Michael noted
Pearce, economist at Capital Economics. The expectation that the Fed
had to gradually increase his key interest rates confirmed.
Capital Economics predicts in contrast to the Fed in the future
Year, a significant growth slowdown in the US. That must be the
Fed answer then.

The American dollar came under pressure according to Powell.
The euro climbed to a daily record of 1.1640 dollars./jsl/he

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