Börse Express – S & T increases the share capital for the acquisition of Kontron

Linzer, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Frankfurt
IT service provider S & T raised for the Kontron
Repurchase its share capital again. overall
Slightly less than 2.2 million new shares for the price of 23.37 euros
issued, the group announced on Sunday in Linz. the
The share capital thus grew by more than 3.4 percent against contributions in kind.
So the acquisition of 49 per cent of the Canadian subsidiary of Kontron,
Kontron Canada Inc.

The new shares are endorsed by Ennoconn Investments Holdings Co. LTD
and gets their 49 percent stake in Kontron Canada. also
Ennoconn Investments Holdings must make a cash payment of 0.15 euros
each received share. The remaining 51 percent of the
Kontron Canada currently has Kontron S & T AG, of which S & T AG
involved in about 95 percent. Existing shareholders are appointed by
Subscription of new shares excluded. The supervisory board must
Still decide.

Ennocon is a subsidiary of the Taiwanese Apple
Supplier Foxconn and owns just under a quarter of
S & T shares, a good three quarters is in free float. Ennocon was inside
October 2016 at W & T through a capital increase of 10%
S & T was already acquiring the proceeds
the first 30 percent of Kontron. In May and November 2017
followed by further capital increases against contribution in kind to Kontron

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