Darboven son appeals to Jacobs adoption

Arthur Darboven, son of coffee entrepreneur Albert Darboven, claims to have filed an appeal against his father's proposed adoption of Andreas Jacobs. Jacobs is heir to the coffee dynasty in Bremen with the same name and after his approval to lead the company in Darboven – Darboven senior wants to pass on his own son so clearly.

"It is a takeover for purely economic reasons, which is more than doubtful for me, independent of the specific people," said Arthur Darboven, the business magazine "Capital". An adoption can not be pronounced according to the law, if this & # 39; dominating interests of the children & # 39; to oppose this.

Albert Darboven would not comment on that, said a spokeswoman for the company. The senior had recently stressed that the proposed adoption of the entrepreneur Jacobs was a purely family affair. Already in 2013 he had told the magazine "Bunte": "I wish that the company is still owned by a family and run by a family member, and if that does not work with my son, I will just adopt it."

Son Arthur Darboven said that he has worked in the company for many years and has put his own accents. But instead of considering these achievements, he would now be ignored. "I do not show up in the chronicle on our homepage, a few years ago I was still there, now it no longer exists and J.J. Darboven is also part of my life's work," said the 54-year-old.

"If Mr. Jacobs became boss and majority shareholder of Darboven, that would be more than an insult to us." It hurts to see how someone is adopted to prevent his own son: "We are destroying unnecessary value."

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Dispute about the succession

At the same time, he stressed his willingness to reach an amicable settlement with his 82-year-old father. "He is the boss of the company, and if he continues until he is 100 years old, let him do it, all we want to do is talk to my father and shape the future together," said Darboven Neven and his aunt an open letter to his father.

It was completely incomprehensible to her that, according to the letter, Albert Darboven, her father or uncle, wanted to transfer the management of the family business to Andreas Jacobs. It could lead to a "break with the values ​​of the company and the family".

The statutes of the family business stipulate that only one member of the family may take over the business management. At present, 57.5% of the company owns Albert Darboven, 42.5% of the shares claim Arthur Darboven, his cousins ​​and an aunt. Jacobs comes from the Bremen coffee dynasty Jacobs, who retired years ago from the coffee sector.

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