Elon Musk: does he fail himself?

Elon Musk: does he fail himself?

Tesla founder Elon Musk joined the retreat of the retreat at the fair.

Is he failing himself? By Sigrid Brandstätter

Tesla boss Elon Musk (Reuters) Image: Reuters

But not now: three weeks ago, the former superstar of the founder, Elon Musk, had alarmed investors and the public: he would take the electric car company Tesla, which he founded. In a tweet the once celebrated as a marketing star stepped on the small sound extraction from the retreat at the fair.

The negative reactions from investors would have prompted him to do so. And the project would have become too great a distraction for Tesla. His bodywork factory for electric cars finally struggles with enormous problems. A few days ago, internal reports leaked to the public, requiring rework on almost all vehicles. Musk responded to critical comments from analysts months ago with thin skin: their questions are "boring" and "not cool".

A certain eccentricity of the billionaire has long been accepted by investors. But the ever increasing jumpiness, his arrogance, his nervous corset, all these factors raise the question of his health and whether Musk as Tesla boss is still in the right place.

The visionary, who made his first million and the next with E-Bay with the payment service Paypal, wanted to teach the established car world with fear, wants to build SpaceX Mars missiles with his company and send supersonic people into tubes. Maybe that's a bit too much, even for a self-proclaimed employee: in an interview with the New York Times, the father of five talked about working in nights and nights. He spent his 47th birthday in June at the factory – "No friends, nothing". Also the use of sleeping pills to calm down, gave the native South African.

Ex-journalist Arianna Huffington criticized Musk in an open letter: "You live an outdated, incredibly inefficient way to use human energy." He answered at half past one in the morning: he had no choice.

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