In three years, a cheap Tesla could come on the market

Model 3 should actually be the Tesla for the small purse. Yet the electric car is too expensive for many. That is why the e-car manufacturer of Elon Musk wants a car that is said to have been starting at $ 25,000.

Just a few days ago, Elon Musk spoke in an amazingly open interview about himself and the electric car and battery maker Tesla. "The last year was the most difficult and painful year in my career," he said. He worked with the model 3 to 120 hours a week during the weeks of healing and often could only fall asleep with pills. Friends and family would seriously worry about his physical and mental condition. But: "From the operational perspective of Tesla, the worst is over." That is why Musk, although he would like to hand over the daily business to someone, already has the next step of Tesla in mind.

In a conversation with De tech creator Marques Brownlee, which took place at the Tesla factory in Fremont on August 15, has announced that Tesla will also bring considerably cheaper cars to the market in the future. Although the Model 3 is currently being considered the Tesla for the mass market. But that's not cheap with a price starting at $ 49,000. "Yes, absolutely," says Musk. Tesla would like to offer a car of $ 25,000 as soon as possible in about three years. It could, as the Tesla boss had suggested at an investor meeting in June, play a compact car with hatchback in the style of a Golf or Audi A3.

First, there is something else to do

How Elon Musk limits, Tesla "but really very hard" work to bring such a cheap car on the market in three years time. "The key to making things affordable is design and technology improvements," says the American billionaire. With electric cars it is currently just like once with the mobile phones. Although the first mobile phones were still bulky, difficult to use and expensive, they became increasingly powerful and cheaper at the same time over the years – the so-called economies of scale.

Apart from a really cheap Tesla you have the manufacturer of the e-car many more ideas and plans. However, the company currently does not have the resources to tackle them all. Instead, according to Elon Musk de Tesla, the Tesla should concentrate on the already announced and launched projects that are challenging enough. Among them are the Model Y, the Tesla Semi, the Tesla Pickup and the new Roadster, which are expected to arrive on the market between 2019 and an estimated 2022.

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