Kalashnikov wants to build his own electric car

Light blue challenger

Kalashnikov wants to compete with the CV-1 against Tesla.

(Photo: AFP)

DusseldorfEven at first glance, the CV-1 seems to have fallen out of time. The light blue model, presented by the Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov on Thursday during the exhibition "Army 2018" in Moscow, looks like a classic car from the 1970s. The strange vehicle of the gun manufacturer is a purely electric car – and apparently not a joke.

"With this technology we will be in the ranks of global manufacturers of electric cars such as Tesla and their competitors," Kalashnikov said unrelentingly about the state agency Ria Nowosti. At the same time, the model appears at first sight technologically remote from the Californian electro-pioneer.

According to the manufacturer, the CV-1 has a battery capacity of 90 kilowatt hours at a distance of 350 kilometers. In six seconds the car must accelerate to 100 km / h. About the market introduction, price and suppliers, the manufacturer is quite quiet.

Optically, the CV-1 of Kalashnikov is based on one of the best-selling family cars in the Soviet era. The Isch 2125 was sold in the years & # 39; 70. The manufacturer Ischmasch belongs since 2013 to the Russian arms manufacturer.

When the "electric supercar" (self-promotion of the manufacturer) goes into production is unclear. In Germany, the model should not be available in the coming years.

Kalashnikov is not the only manufacturer who ventures into non-industrial competition with electric cars. The manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and fans, Dyson, has also announced the development of its own electric car.

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