Kalashnikov wants to compete with Tesla

The Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov wants to make the American electrician Tesla competition: The Group presented today at a fun fair near Moscow, his first electric car. The light blue prototype CV-1 in a retro look can cover 350 kilometers, according to the company with a load. Until now, Kalashnikov is best known for the assault rifle AK-47 – according to his own data, an "electric supercar" has now been developed with the CV-1.

"With this technology we are in the line of global manufacturers of electric cars such as Tesla and their competitors," according to Kalashnikov, according to the official news agency Ria Nowosti.

Design is reminiscent of the years & # 39; 70

The design of the CV-1 is reminiscent of a Soviet car from the 70s, called Isch-Kombi, as the company said. When the car can be bought and how expensive it will be, Kalashnikov did not say.

Some online users joked about the company's entry into the electric car industry. "Your tanks are great, but it would be better if you stay away from cars," a user wrote on the company's Facebook page.

Kalashnikov has been trying for years in other business areas. Recently a fashion collection has been released, there are also umbrella & # 39; s and smartphone cases from Kalashnikov.

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