Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow: Electric Silver Arrow

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow: Electric Silver Arrow: Mercedes revives racing legend

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Mercedes brings with the EQ Silver Arrow a reminder of silver arrows for luxury classic car meetings after Pebble Beach. With 550 kW / 750 hp and many design details from that time, the prototype is based on the future of the Mercedes sub-brand EQ.

Arrow measures around 5.30 meters and is not only due to the name as a tribute to the racing cars, which set speed records in the 1930s. Nevertheless, this prototype, which celebrates its premiere at the Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach, is not a return of the aerodynamically shaped cars, but is a design study.

Acceleration and driving pleasure

"The showcar EQ Silver Arrow is designed for acceleration and driving pleasure, embodies the progressive luxury and gives a glimpse into the future of our design", says Mercedes top designer Gorden Wagener.

The main theme of the modern Silver Arrow is the contrast between classical forms and materials, as well as futuristic elements. The curved lines of the body, which follow the requirements of the air resistance, are trimmed with technical components, such as the front splitter of carbon or the folding wings on the round rear of the vehicle. "Hot and cold" Wagener called this game with the opposites. The study rolls on mighty 25 inches and the alloy wheels consist of 160 spokes each, which are painted pink gold.

Leather and wood in the cockpit

The center of the meeting between technology and design is the cockpit of the single-seater, which can be opened to the front. In addition to leather and wood, inspired by Riva boats, the driver's seat offers a lot of space. That is why the bucket seat is not adjustable, but the pedals.

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In addition to the organic materials, the cockpit is laced with technical details. The interior works without buttons. A beamer behind the driver projects a 3D image of the environment on a panoramic screen. In addition, the monitor is located in the center of the steering wheel. The fun is not too short: part of the entertainment system is also a virtual racing game where you can compete with the historic and current Silver Arrow race car.

EQ drive with 550 kW

The drive of the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow makes people long for the electric future: with a capacity of 550 kW / 750 hp, the research also promises much more than just the Playstation. The batteries are lower body, have a capacity of approximately. 80 kWh, which corresponds to a range of more than 400 km according to the WLTP test cycle. The ventilation openings on the side should ensure the cooling of the battery, which of course would never be enough in real driving.

The Silver Arrow is of course only a finger exercise – with the Daimler, but also more likely to bring its new Stomer series to the market. The SUV EQC is shown uncapped for the first time in September.

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