New product: Gertefamily gets growth: new Amazon device is called "Frank" message

Amazon wants to occupy the living room with its devices and services. With its own film and series productions and investments in TV shows and live sports, the group wants to differentiate streaming services such as Netflix. Amazon Prime members pay annual or monthly fees for shipping discounts, videos & # 39; s and other entertainment. Customers who view Amazon video content spend more on other business offers and are likely to renew their membership.

The best selling product Amazons is the Fire TV and this is now supplemented with "Frank".

Will the video recorder return to the living room?

When a person familiar with the e-commerce giant's plans told Bloomberg, Amazon is in the midst of planning a digital video recorder. "Frank", as the project is called internally, is to record TV programs & # 39; s and then stream to the smartphone.

The digital hard disk recorder must have an internal physical memory and be connected to the already available Fire TV boxes. The Fire TV boxes can already stream live TV programs, but have not yet recorded or saved them. If and when "Frank" should be in the assortment is not yet certain. Reportedly also "Frank" as the echo speakers in the development department Lab 126 is built, where among others also with a house robot, "Project Vesta", one works, so the informant to "Bloomberg".

Moreover, according to the initiate, an update for the Fire TV stick, the slimmed-down version of the Fire TV box, in the wings. There is no concrete information yet, but the software should be given a general overhaul.

The competition is worried

With the announcement of a possible introduction of "Frank" Amazon also has the competition TiVo wachgerttelt. On the American market, TiVo is the leading supplier of HDD set-top boxes. The share of the competitor subsequently had a price shift.


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