Online pet food retailer Zooplus glides in the red «

Due in part to the expansion of a logistics center in the United Kingdom, Zooplus, the internet feed merchant, slipped 9.2 million euros in taxes in the first half of the year. A year earlier there was still a profit of 5.1 million to book. "On an annual basis, we believe that the focus on growth and investment for the further expansion of our market position must be reconciled with appropriate profit development," CEO Cornelius Patt said on Wednesday. The costs were therefore more prominent. In the second half of the year, Zooplus expects a "significant profit improvement".

Patt still does not want to commit to a victory. The return on sales in 2018 before tax will be between minus 0.5 and plus 0.5 percent, he confirmed. This corresponds to a result between minus seven and plus seven million euros. Turnover is expected to increase by 21 to 23 percent to 1.34 to 1.37 billion euros. In the first half of the year it rose by 24 percent to 643 million euros.

"Zooplus remains in investment mode," wrote analyst Volker Bosse of Baader Helvea. The company keeps sales more important than the margins. By 2020, turnover is expected to rise to two billion euros. The Zooplus share jumped Wednesday by 9.6 percent to 147.50 euros higher. At the announcement of the turnover in mid-July, it had fallen to the same extent.

In particular, the store with its own brands for litter and feed ran in the first half of the year with an increase of 37 percent. Zooplus was able to pass on price increases from the suppliers to the customers and at the same time improve the purchase conditions, it said in the message. Regular customers are loyal and 16 percent more new customers registered from January to June. (


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