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Dusseldorf / Purchase. The American beverage company PepsiCo wants the Israeli Wassersprudler manufacturer Sodastream to take over 3.2 billion dollars (2.8 billion euros), the companies said Monday. The Coca-Cola competitor has agreed to purchase Sodastream shares with a value of $ 144 per share. That is a premium of 32% compared to the average price of the past 30 days.

The leaders of both companies have already approved the acquisition. The shareholders and competition authorities of Sodastream still have to make comments. The acquisition should be completed early next year.

"Personal drinks"

PepsiCo, with its brands such as Pepsi-Cola, Gatorade, Tropicana, Frito-Lay or Quaker, sold about $ 63 billion in more than 200 countries in 2017. Sodastream recently repaid $ 543 million and considers itself the world's largest supplier and distributor of effervescent systems for home use.

In the Sodastream system a special bottle is filled with tap water and placed in a device. Press the – button and the water will pear. The carbon dioxide comes from a cylinder. If it is empty, it can be exchanged in exchange.

Sodastream encourages PepsiCo's ability to offer personalized home-based solutions globally, President Ramon Laguarta said. Sodastream director Daniel Birnbaum said: "I am happy that our team has access to the huge resources of PepsiCo (…)." In 2014, the company had been criticized for having made the bubblers on the Israel-occupied West Bank. A short time later, the company moved its production to Israel.

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