Renovation of Kika / Leiner: no heels in Upper Austria

Rehabilitation of Kika / Leiner: no persecutions in Upper Austria

ST. PÖLTEN. Double strategy: newly built logistics center in Leonding needs employees – Group registers up to 1150 employees at the public employment service for termination

  Kika / Leiner rehabilitation: no tendencies in Upper Austria

New logistics center in Leonding is a model for future logistics structure, Bild: Symbolbild: APA

The reorganization measures of the Kika / Leiner Group, which became public on Thursday evening, could cost up to 1100 of the 5500 jobs. However, the locations in Upper Austria could escape relatively unscathed.

A flare-up is currently being realized for a newly built logistics center in Leonding. 15 million euros have been invested in this warehouse. Delivery of the Kika site in Linz-Urfahr is already taking place from this new central logistics location.

The goods management system in the company is considered obsolete in the industry. The conversion to a central supply should bring the furniture trade group with 46 locations in Austria to the current state of the art. "The logistics center in Leonding is the flagship project", says Leiner Works Council Karl Vogl. Because the centralization of the logistics is only at the beginning, according to Vogl warehouse employees would also be needed there. "If we have removed 30 places in Upper Austria and made 20 in Leonding, this could dampen the negative effects."

Video: Four branches of the furniture chain are closed and additional administrative staff has been laid off. The new owner wants all employees involved to develop a social plan.

The employee representative defended the recent, hard reorganization measures. "These are measures that ensure survival and help us to be successful in the market again."

Cancellation of duplication

That factually every fifth job in the company group is lost, Vogl does not believe. "You can not take that number." Therefore, a maximum number at the Public Employment Service (AMS) is announced for termination. Concerns in the different divisions should also be very different.

The solution is that with Thursday the closure of the Leiner sites in Wiener Neudorf, Innsbruck and the kika houses in Vösendorf and Spittal an der Drau has been announced at almost 300. Employees are directly affected. There are also mergers and organizational simplifications at the head office. The sales staff in the area have been to ausparmaßnahmen in recent years, more would not go there, says Vogl, indicating that the new owners would see the same thing.

Vogl but confirmed that there are duplications, especially in the processing of orders gives. As early as 27 August, a social plan should follow the example that was completed before the closure of the houses in Bruck / Mur and Wolfsberg.

Video: The ZIB-Wirtschaftsredaktionsleiter comments on the plans of Signa Houden to restructure the furniture chain kika / Leiner.

CEO George is gone

Former CEO Gunnar George is on leave. Former former KiK chief financier Darius Kauthe is leading the restructuring. Another trade expert has yet to come.

The trading and real estate group Signa took over in a spectacular acquisition at the end of June of the South African Steinhoff Group and made more than 450 million euros available. Even then, "deep and extensive changes" were announced. (sib)

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