Seat Arona: small, compact and versatile

Seat Arona: small, compact and versatile

Endurance test: the Seat Arona convinced by a strong price-performance ratio.

Small, compact and versatile

The Seat Arona won the reddot design prize 2018 for its youthful modern look. Image: Seat

The small compact SUV is the answer of the Spaniard to what comes after the Ibiza and before the bigger Ateca. With a length of 4.10 meters the Arona is eight centimeters longer and ten centimeters bigger than the Ibiza. This gives a better sense of space and makes a smart, small SUV, which is cheap in comparison. In the durability test, the Seat Arona scores low consumption, high practicality and versatility.

style: It is no coincidence that the Seat Arona has won the "reddot design award 2018" with its youthful modern appearance. He must show individuality and stand out in the streets. And he does. Also thanks to the 68 color combinations that are possible. On the basis of the Ibiza, the Spaniards have created something independent.

interior: Thanks to the steep windscreen and the higher seats, the Arona becomes a compact SUV and offers good space savings. The space is very good for a car of this size, the driver's seat can even be pushed back for large types and also at the rear of the rear seat is enough space. If the seats are folded down, even the mountain bike will fit well. A plus. The materials (eg seat covers) could have been of higher quality, but they are perfectly processed. The buttons, buttons and fittings are intuitive. The interior can also be illuminated in color on request.

Small, compact and versatile

chassis: Comfort is the focus of the Seat Arona, the suspension is tight, but not overly hard. Well balanced, that fits in the image. The steering is just as sensitive as the Ibiza – in fast corners there is more side slope because of the higher structure. Otherwise the Arona is well on its way. The consumption of the Spaniard behaves inconspicuously: during the test, the average consumption was 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

engine: The turbodiesel works surprisingly quiet, only at higher speeds you can hear it more clearly. The 7-speed DSG transmission is also excellent here. Only on steeper mountain breaks you have to switch to the sport option, so the 90 hp pushes the small SUV vigorously. In general, the small Spaniard is agile, sparkling and quiet. For higher speeds, however, he needs a bit of a start.

conclusion: Of course, the Seat Arona can not be compared to a large, real SUV. But in its small compact class, it meets the essential requirements for an all-rounder: it offers enough space for its size, is versatile and usable (family and sports equipment) and everything for a very low price: from 16.990 euro.

Seat Arona Xcellence TDI CR DSG

Price: from 23,590 euros
OÖN test vehicle 29.805 euro

engine: 4-cylinder turbo diesel
Displacement 1598 ccm
Power 70 kW (95 hp) at 2750 to 4600 / min
max. Tightening torque 250 Nm at 1500 to 2600 / min

Consumption (NEDC)
Mix 4.4
OÖN test 5.0
Tank / Fuel Diesel (40 l)

environment: Euro-6
CO2 emissions 115 g / km

to drive: front
Transmission 7-speed DSG (automatic)

0 to 100 km / h in 12.8 sec
Peak 174 km / h

Dimensions and weights:
L / W / H 4138/1780/1552 mm
Wheelbase 2566 mm
Empty weight 1210 kg
Load capacity 510 595kg
Boat 400 to 1280 liters
Trailer load uses 1200 kg
unrestrained 610 kg

Guarantee: 5 years

plus: compact and agile, high seating position, long warranty

minus: small tank, no four-wheel drive, seat covers are not of top quality

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