Siemens denies removal of 20,000 jobs

SIt took about 21 hours before they banished explosive speculation into the realm of fables. The technology group which was refused on Friday morning and which was also recorded by FAZ.NET reports that the Munich-based technology group wants to radically reduce the number of jobs in the administration. "The report on the alleged reduction of 20,000 jobs in the context of the implementation of the Vision 2020+ business strategy lacks every basis", it said in a press release. "We can not understand the numbers in the magazine." And: "There were no such statements in this form."

Rüdiger Köhn

Manager Magazine reported that CEO Joe Kaeser has mentioned the number of threatened jobs in key functions such as finance, legal affairs, controlling, sales, marketing and IT during a roadshow in discussions with investors. A spokesman for the company refused to ask for a comment on Thursday. However, he also did not deny the actual factual evidence, whether there have been discussions about this or similar content.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks

The situation is confusing because the accusation in the room is that Kaeser could have provided additional information to individual investors after he had opened an analyst and press conference on 2 August, on request all the details of the new strategy program presented by him had departed. This included the intention to streamline the head office and transfer many business functions to three independently operating industrial units as well as three already independent departments (wind energy, medical technology, railway technology). There are already many of these administrative functions, so it's all about destroying duplicate structures.

Despite the denial, nothing changes the challenges. The aforementioned high number of 20,000 administrations involved obviously caused a lot of unrest in the company. This is not new. Rumors have been circulating for weeks at the head office at Wittelsbacher Platz in Munich alone, up to one in two of the 1,200 jobs in total. If they do not drop out, they will at least be outsourced to other places.

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