Tesla boss Elon Musk about his "painful", painful year

F Tesla CEO Elon Musk's rhetorical statements about his exhaustion have dented the stock of the American electric car manufacturer on Friday. The Tesla documents lost 8.9 percent in value ($ 305.50 ending) by the end of the trade, after Musk had reported earlier on the efforts made in an interview with The New York Times on production in Tesla .

In the interview, the entrepreneur revealed that he sometimes worked up to 120 hours a week and sometimes left the company premises for several days in a row.

He had his 47th birthday in full in June At the end of the day he had flown to Catalonia (Spain) for the upcoming wedding of his brother, for whom he was the best man.

He did not notice much of the celebration: he had landed two hours before the ceremony and then immediately flown away, so Musk. "This year was the most difficult and painful of my career, it was really painful," he said, adding, "He believes the worst for his business is not over yet." Tesla made a record $ 700 million loss in the first quarter of the year Recently, Musk's announcement to take his company out of the stock market caused a stir, and the company is therefore also threatened with the effects of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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His health condition is not great, Musk continues. His friends would be worried, lately he often had to take a sleeping pill to relax. In particular he mentions the agent Ambien – it made headlines, because the comedian Roseanne Barr ("Roseanne") apologized for their racist failure against an ex-advisor to Barack Obama that she was "confused" by the hypnotics . As a result, Barr lost her TV series. "It is often the alternative: no sleep or ambiance", the newspaper quotes the Tesla boss.

Musk tweeting out of control?

Because of the burden of Musk, alarm bells are already ringing in the sign of the electric car brand Tesla. Some board members believe that Musk should erase the Twitter app from their smartphone to focus on building cars and sending missiles into space. The board is also urgently looking for a top manager to relieve Musk, the newspaper continues. Musk himself probably would not have known about it. But "people familiar with the case", the New York Times said that the search was even intensified after Musk's recent tweets.

As with the US President Donald Trump, Musk uses Twitter over and over again. to announce announcements in disagreement or offend critics. For example, Musk called a helper in the cave drama in Thailand a pedophile because he had rejected the submarine that Musk had made available for the rescue of the trapped boys as a "PR joke". Later Musk apologized for his tirades against the rescue diver and the tweet.

Parallel to the interview in the American newspaper, the estimate grows that Tesla should not be draconian punishments for the possible premature announcement of a stock market via Twitter. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can request a petition from the billionaire with a fine of less than $ 200,000, as long as it classifies Musk's claim that there is confiscated funding as misleading and negligent, according to three IPR experts. A larger penalty would be possible if the SEC notices fraudulent intentions of the Tesla boss.

The blessing is no coincidence, because the American government has chosen a different course under the leadership of President Donald Trump: instead of violations with draconian fines It is more likely that they impose structural practical matters on companies, according to Stephen Crimmins, law firm at Murphy & McGonigle.

His conclusion: No one does the job better than me

Musk had his private Twitter account last week announced that he was considering taking Tesla off the stock exchange. The financing is secured, wrote the 47-year-old in the sensational sms message. This week he suggested that the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund was ready to pay the billions to & # 39; delisting & # 39; to pay. But nothing has been decided yet. First investors filed a complaint against Tesla for misleading market information. The SEC investigates the case and has now brought all nine Tesla board members to court, according to a Fox Business Network report.

In the interview, Musk said he would not regret the tweet. "Why should I?" So his counter-question. He was disturbed by the activities of speculators of shares who would buy and sell the company's papers for short-term profits or betting on the price. The conversation ends with the appeal of a once again clearly militant Elon Musk. He will not give up his leadership position at Tesla. "Or is there someone who can do better?" So his rhetorical question. "Then he is welcome to come."

There are certainly models to relieve a CEO. Internet giants Google and Facebook have done it: the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google brought the experienced top manager Eric Schmidt in 2001 to manage the enormous growth of Google.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took Sheryl Sandberg in 2007 as a right-handed man, who previously led global online sales at Google. Musk said the Tesla board tried to recruit Sandberg on Facebook two years ago. But then nothing came of it.

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