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It is probably not so boring around Tesla and his boss Elon Musk. After the announcement of a deletion by the manufacturer of electric cars at the beginning of August, this plan was again rejected. These consequences can now threaten Tesla and Musk.

Elon Musk creates chaos

In early August, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he was considering taking Tesla out of the stock market for a price of $ 420 per share – the necessary funding for this was secured.

This announcement caused a stir and eventually even called the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC on the spot. After some back and forth Elon Musk surprisingly announced the decision last weekend – after less than three weeks: Tesla remains on the stock market.

That is why Tesla & # 39; s withdrawal from the stock market is withdrawing

The Tesla boss told the board: "The better way for Tesla to stay in the stock market," he wrote in a blog post. The decisive reason for this sudden change of heart was probably a conversation with institutional investors. They informed Musk that they could only collect limited resources to finance a private company. The majority of investors would have assured the visionary to continue supporting Tesla after the fair, goodbye. The consistent message, however, was: "Please do not do that". Because most investors believed that Tesla was better off as a listed company.

An equally important reason for the rejection of the outdated plans of the Tesla share should have been model 3. Tesla has to concentrate intensively on the production of the pile carrier. Privatization would be more difficult than initially thought and would therefore be too great a distraction. "I knew the IPO process would be a challenge, but it is clear that it would be even more time-consuming and exhaustive than originally thought," Musk said.

What are the consequences?

The Tesla boss can not get away with it, his announcements caused a lot of commotion and did not go unnoticed at the fair.

After the announcement to reach the e-car manufacturer of the stock market, the Tesla stock rose rapidly in the beginning, the trade has now even been suspended. Shortseller has lost large sums of money and is now ready to file lawsuits. For the action of Musk the question arises: can he easily announce such a thing via Twitter?

After a short time, however, it turned out that, contrary to the assumptions, the financing was not insured, the skepticism spread. Musk noted that he had the impression that the financing statement of Saudi Arabia had been fully clarified. But apparently there was no reliable funding base at the time of tweeting.

Investigation by the SEC

For this reason, probably determined by now the SEC. The US Securities and Exchange Commission had announced that they wanted to question the entire Tesla leadership for questioning.

The subject of the investigation is whether Musk & # 39; s announcements regarding his plans and the financing level were correct and whether he violated the information obligation with the tweets. Because the suspicion arose that the Tesla boss had meant with the communication, the price of the car manufacturer to drive up.

Already after the deletion of the announcement, the SEC became aware of it, but it should "continue their investigation now," says Stephen Crimmins, the long-standing employee of the SEC. "Musk's withdrawal from the privatization plans may be an indication that he did not have a strong funding base for his removed plan," Crimmins fears.

Costs for market manipulation

Tesla now threatened with market manipulation because of Musk's action, if the SEC's allegations were correct. Musk should first explain to the regulator why he had adopted the privatization plans so quickly. It is credible that he really wants to get Tesla off the stock market. This would mean less stress for him because he did not have to publish quarterly quarterly reports. This statement probably should not be enough for the SEC.

Yet it seems unlikely that Musk's plans were just a bluff. Finally, Tesla was already advised by the investment company Silver Lake and the major banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs regarding the financing in the case of privatization, which should have been very costly. In addition, the car manufacturer is likely to be quickly faced with legal fees for the class actions and the SEC investigation. Whether Elon Musk would have dealt with these difficulties in the current situation of Tesla without ulterior motives is still a question.

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