The platform for permanent education for digital competence generates EUR 6 million has an ambitious goal: to digitize the German economy. Bochum's startup offers online video lessons on a lifelong learning platform designed to transfer digital skills. Exactly in time for the launch of the offer, the company completes the Series A financing. The company collects EUR 6 million. Tengelmann Ventures is leading the way. For the investment company this is already the second commitment at Bochumern. Dieter von Holtzbrinck also invests in Ventures, Monkfish Equity and Business Angels. GmbH wants to do great things: according to its own statements, the start-up gives every employee in every company the opportunity to understand the technological change. The company has a training platform for digital literacy. The goal is no less than to digitize the German economy. In concrete terms, the offer is as follows: In professionally produced video lessons experts from Germany and Silicon Valley share their personal expertise. The units must create the necessary mindset for digital thinking, promote appropriate action and help reduce prejudices. The clips address new organizational structures or provide central skills such as digital marketing. They explain IT security and legal situations. In general, the training is about 15 hours long. Interim research must consolidate knowledge. Ultimately, it must provide a good basis for working in the digital age. Founders of the company, Daniel Schütt and Stefan Peukert, say they have already sold 2000 licenses. The Otto Group and Siemens use the platform.

Employees must acquire digital competence

The website is being launched, the first customers are there and the financing is also available: in series A sets 6 million euros. The main investor is Tengelmann Ventures Management GmbH. For the investment company this is already the second link with the permanent education platform for digital literacy. In addition, Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH and Monkfish Equity GmbH join Bochumers. In addition, business angels participate. Schütt and Peukert came up with the idea for when they sold their first start-up: in 2015, Gruner + Jahr took over the HR marketing platform Employor. Since then Schütt has become clear that it is not enough for companies to buy digital expertise only externally: "Our own employees must be included – because in the end they are the ones who bring in ideas and initiate new ones." GmbH, Bochum
activity: digital education
investors: Tengelmann Ventures Management GmbH, Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH, Monkfish Equity GmbH, Business Angels
volume: EUR 6 million (1st financing round)

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