Toyota wants to put half a billion dollars in Uber "

In the development of autonomous driving, Toyota is investing in a partnership with Uber. The Japanese car manufacturer is investing $ 500 million in the American company, as the two companies announced on Monday. The intention is to install an Uber safety system for assisted driving in Toyota vehicles, which in turn are used in the Uber driving service. The system does not allow for rides without a driver.

The two companies that already collaborate in other areas are considered laggards in autonomous driving. After a fatal accident with a self-driving Uber SUV, the car service also reduced its involvement in this area.

Other car manufacturers also drive the development of self-driving cars. For example, Ford recently announced that it would donate about $ 4 billion to its special division by 2023. The Japanese technology company Softbank wants to invest more than two billion dollars in a comparable department at General Motors. Softbank is also involved with Uber.


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