Uniqa insurance: should this really be tackled? ()

The price of the Uniqa Insurance share is at 08.10.2018, 20:48 at the Vienna home exchange at 8.34 EUR. The title is awarded to the "multiple insurance" sector.

How Uniqa Insurance is currently to be assessed is the result of a multistage analysis. We have selected 7 categories, each of which leads to the result "buy", "hold" or "sell". These results are ultimately consolidated in the total result.

1. Sector comparison Share price: the share reached a return of 7.17 percent last year. Uniqa Insurance is 4.26 percent below the average (11.43 percent) compared to shares in the same sector ("financials"). The average annual return on securities of the same industry "Insurance" is 7.15 percent. Uniqa Insurance is currently 0.02 percent above this level. Because of this constellation we appreciate the share as a whole at this level with a & # 39; hold & # 39;

2. Dividend: the dividend yield measures the ratio between the dividend and the current share price and is usually expressed as a percentage. The current dividend yield for Uniqa Insurance on the basis of the price level is 6.12 percent and with 0.49 percent is only slightly above the average (5.63) for this share. Uniqa Insurance therefore receives a & # 39; hold & # 39; credit rating from our analysts for this dividend policy.

3. Investor: investor sentiment is an important indicator for valuing stocks. Most recently, shares in Uniqa Insurance were the focus of discussions in social media. Especially positive and especially positive opinions were published. In addition, the opinion market in the past few days has dealt with the positive aspects of Uniqa Insurance. This circumstance causes a total "buy" rating. Further studies and investigations of the communicative activities show on the analytical side that, in particular, "sell" signals were given. There were seven signals (7 Sell, 0 Buy). The bottom line is thus a total of a "sell" signal at this level. In summary, the overall assessment of investor sentiment is "buying".

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