VW boss Diess knew about the diesel scandal early on

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess was informed after a report of the "mirror" before the announcement of the exhaust gas scandal about manipulation of diesel engines. As early as 27 July 2015, the illegal exhaust control software was the subject of an internal meeting, according to the magazine on Saturday, which included unpublished documents from the public prosecutor's office in Braunschweig. Took part in this meeting, alongside motor developers and quality managers and the current Volkswagen-owner Herbert Diess, who was then only short fire leader VW, and the then CEO Martin Winterkorn.

The American authorities had only published the allegations against the Wolfsburg coach on September 18, 2015. As a result, the price of the VW share fell dramatically. The public prosecutor Braunschweig identified, among other things, the suspicion of market manipulation. The claim is based on the suspicion that Volkswagen informed its shareholders late about the diesel scandal. These investigations are directed against Winterkorn, Diess and the former Chief Financial Officer and the current chairman of the supervisory board Hans Dieter Pötsch.

VW spokesman: the company has fulfilled its duty to provide information

A VW spokesman confirmed the internal meeting of VW managers and stated: "Moreover, the concrete content of the meeting – in which Martin Winterkorn and Herbert Diess were present – no longer completely reconstructed, because the memory of those present sometimes differ from each other. »The spokesman pointed out that his comments were the viewpoint of Volkswagen AG Diess and Winterkorn did not comment on the current investigation. The prosecutor Braunschweig and the lawyer Winterkorns could not be reached on Saturday for a remark.

The spokesman further stated that it was only possible with the public statements of the American authorities to estimate the consequences. "When a reliable number of figures was established for this purpose, Volkswagen immediately published an ad hoc announcement on 22 September 2015." In this way the company met its information obligation. The complete classification of the statements and events, including the assessment of the credibility of individual witnesses and the credibility of their information, is a matter for the competent courts and authorities.

According to "Spiegel", Winterkorn asked about the round of his colleague's Diess, who had recently been changed to VW by BMW, or BMW had also used "Defeat Devices" (manipulation software). He replied that this was not the case with his knowledge. After the event Diess and Winterkorn were the first to have taken the documents for the presentation, it says in the report of the magazine. However, one of the employees picked them up again and pointed out that it would be better if they were not in their possession.

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