A pro-preacher of the doll in the sweat of his forehead

A professional preacher of pop in the sweat of his face

Justin Timberlake offered a breathtaking stage performance in Vienna, in which he briefly built his towel in the heat.

<img src = "https://static1.nachrichten.at/storage/image/3/0/5/7/2057503_cms2image-fixed-561x315_1ruraW_9LYkvx.jpg" width = "561" height = "315" title = "Ein Profi-Prediger des Pop im Schweiße seines Angesichts" alt = "A professional preacher of doll in the sweat of his face [19659004] Khl was in the town hall only the light: Timberlake and fans it was almost too hot Bild: APA

When the American superstar Justin Timberlake walks by in Vienna, he offers two hours of uninterrupted performance – a barrel of the highest order.

The singer and dancer gave a preview of his skills in the sold out town hall on Saturday night, Not only must absolute fans acknowledge without jealousy: the 37-year-old American, who has long made the transformation of ex-boy band member to serious Popsnger, still has it.

In Vienna he served Schmankerl at the beginning: "LoveStoned "and" SexyBack "- songs made by his elfkpfigen band powerfully sent into the hall, while shaking with six companies is moving "loosely" from the sleeve. A step here, a hand that goes up there. The girls are connected to each other. The good 13,000 visitors were already completely out of the house, after all they witnessed a great show.

This also fits into the very extensive stage structure, which came with a multi-curved walkway, including larger islands in the sea. Timberlake would always have to sprint, sing and dance light footsteps like a smiling, docile preacher of pop.

The title track of the current album "Man of the Woods" literally germinated Grserbschel, barely had time to breathe. "Senorita" sounded from thousands of throats, the big "Cry Me a River" was even a bit "zerpflgt" – because of dominating guitar sounds. With "Summer Love" a lot of love returned to the hot location.

Dear no campfire more

What would be the major disadvantage of the implementation for which Timberlake can not do anything. Because not only the star of the evening was sweating. Tropical temperatures were simply the extended, and thus in addition to heat intense light show that repeatedly illuminated the audience, became the physical challenge.

Timberlake himself was barely able to see a towel in his hands after the first quarter – he threw it in the air, over the shoulder, or wiped his face between them. The heat was not without consequences. Part of the current show has been canceled – a real bonfire where the musicians and their boss come together to give cover numbers. The fire was already lit in Vienna, the country outfit with a dungaree shirt and ripped jeans was ready, but the Beatles or Lauryn Hill pieces were released.

That's it. Timberlake was a more than worthy master of ceremonies for a successful music festival, of which the short obstacles in the middle section can be forgiven for intensive timing. Why did most guests prefer their mobile phones instead of dancing? You do not know. Certainly is only: the heat alone was certainly not the fault. (apa) Conclusion: An (almost) perfect show evening, which was just as hot as the temperatures in the town hall.

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