Alec Baldwin reveals: Justin & Hailey are married! – Stars

There have been rumors in recent days that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married. On Thursday, the pair was seen for the New York registration office.

"They did it without listening to anyone"an insider told the People magazine. The beautiful model debated a bit later but everything from it. "I understand where the speculation comes from, but I'm not married yet!", she clarified on Twitter. Moments later she canceled the post.

Uncle Baldwin talked about it

The hide-and-seek play of the lovebirds of Hailey's famous uncle Alec Baldwin has thwarted the bill. At the presentation of the Emmy Awards on Monday night he said: "They just went out and got married and I do not know where the problem lies." However, the Hollywood star has no particularly close contact with the couple.

Wedding tips for Hailey and Justin

Alec Baldwin recently said that Hailey and Justin should have time to marry. "When you get married, it's best if you can really be together – for example, to coordinate your schedules so that you can spend time together – all our decisions are about being able to stay at home", said the 60-year-old" Access ".

"There are jobs that I could do and things that they could do, but we do not, because it means being separated for five weeks, we will not do that."

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