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By Ursula Strohal

Innsbruck – His genius, his temperament and his charisma continue to form the music world to this day and are so contagious 28 years after his death that the media overthrowed the custody of Leonard Bernstein, this important creator, great lover and his existential crisis against the phases of greed for life, even intense suffering. He was born on 25 August 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the son of a Jewish family who emigrated from Ukraine to Ukraine today.

His talent and vocation to music were enough to become a musician against the will of his father. When an aunt gave the shy and sick child a piano, the boy was sitting there for nights. His retinue brought him to the University of Harvard, where the curious and ambitious gifted listened to piano and composition studies in musicology, philosophy and languages. In 1934 he played in Boston a piano concerto by Edward Grieg. It was his first public concert.

Nine years later, the only 25-year-old had his first major performance as conductor of the famous New York Philharmonic when, after a night of drinking, he jumped within six hours for the sick Bruno Walter. His father was there and answered a journalist's question why he did not want his son to pay for his piano lessons: "How should I know that Leonard Bernstein will become him?" Bernstein became the first American and youngest conductor in 1958 New York Philharmonic.

"Mister Music" was extremely creative. He composed symphonies, chamber music and operas, film, ballet and Broadway music. Among his most successful plays are the musicals "On The Town", "Candide" (2001/02 in the Tyrolean Landestheater) and of course the world success "West Side Story" since 1957. The film received ten Oscars. The musical will also be played in the Tyrolean Landestheater from the autumn.

As a conductor, Bernstein worked with the most important orchestras in the world, often with the Vienna Philharmonic. Because of their political past in the Nazi era, the relationship was also exciting. Since Bernstein died in 1990, the planned New Year's concert did not come out in 1992.

Amber, because of his presence in the media, his ability to inspire and his good looks also zeitgeist style icon, makes unconventional TV shows and shows not only children in his "Young People & # 39; s Concerts", how great classical music is. In these shows, music becomes an ode to joy. He conducts when John F. Kennedy takes office and at the fall of the Berlin wall, where he makes the "Ode to freedom" in the final of the ninth symphony of Beethoven from Schiller's "Ode to Joy".

When Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, Lenny was close to Bernstein, who never distributed E- and U-music and drowned classical purists with the saying: "There is good CD AND good Bob Dylan."

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