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Hans Beimer is dead. At the end of a dramatic episode, the veteran rock of the Lindenstraße dies a peaceful serial death. But that is not everything.

Hans Beimer is dead, at the end of an exciting episode he fell asleep peacefully. After 33 years and 1685 episodes, Lindenstraße does not have to do it in the future without Hans Beimer (Joachim H. Luger). One of the defining figures of the television series in the first one died on Sunday night, his long-announced serial death. But before that there was real drama again.

We can safely omit the history of "The peace after the storm". Only so much: Hans, his wife Anna Ziegler (Irene Fischer) and ex-wife Helga Beimer (Marie-Luise Marjan) are looking for each other in the forest. Of course, no GSM reception, if you need it most. Then there is also a heavy thunderstorm. And Helga sprained her ankle.

Hans Beimer is dead – those were his last words

All this is underlined alive and in the fade-ins of the WDRRadio orchestra, which contributes all music from the Cologne episode. In the end, everything seems right: in a hiding place in the forest, all three are a little wet, but fortunately together. The sun reappears and Helga is relieved: "What a happy ending!" Then Hans can say his last words: "This is no end, this is only the beginning." First unnoticed by the two women in his life, His head sinks to his chest. Circuit.

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With this serial death Luger could come to an end. Because, as he has previously betrayed, he would rather have just disappeared from the series. Actors are also not free from superstition. And they say, they die on television, one happens in real life a setback. Luger is protected in this respect anyway: his real last-minute appearance in the "Lindenstraße" has the actor until next Sunday: at the funeral of Hans Beimer he can once again run through the picture like a figure in the background. So for fans a good reason, stay next week and without Hans Beimer. That is what the series needs.

Change in the Linden Street Scroll: a factor for Luger

On one of the last dinosaurs of the German TV landscape time does not go without trace. The quota has been crumbling for years – despite new characters and elaborately staged events such as the last to the thirtieth anniversary of the series. That is why the self-selected withdrawal of Luger from the series to the event. Although a main character from the series disappears with him – but in any case there is again the program. Accordingly, the transmit WDR a live stream from the Funkhaus to the internet from the late afternoon. All series of actors and other celebrities are there, as the orchestra for the audience for big emotions.

Feeling was also the departure of Luger. The decision was not easy for him after 33 years. But since late 2016, he often thinks that it was slow enough with Hans Beimer. He wanted more time for his family and the theater in the future, the actor had said beforehand.

Another issue was the development of his role: in early 2015, the scenario writers determined that Hans Beimer should receive Parkinson's. "The years of playing this disease is not easy, because it also limits what is essentially acting – facial expressions, gestures and language." Luger, also known as Hans Beimer, had recently made preparations for the Way of St. James. walk. He could no longer experience that. (with dpa)

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