Asia Argento: reactions from Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan and Tarana Burke

The Italian actress Asia Argento, one of the leading voices in the # MeToo debate, would have died in 2013 at the then 17-year-old Jimmy Bennett. After an amicable settlement with Argento, Bennett received a payment of $ 380,000 from her. This report from the New York Times gets the headlines since its release on Sunday night.

That the case caused such a big echo is also because Argento is one of the noisiest prosecutors of the ex-Hollywood conductor. Harvey Weinstein used to be. She accuses him of rape, he denies that. According to the article in the "New York Times", Weinstein has now commented his lawyer Benjamin Brafman on the accusations against Argento.

In a statement to the American broadcaster, Fox News said: "This development reveals a breathtaking level of hypocrisy from Asia Argento." At the same time, when Argento dealt with the silent payment, she had become the champion of those who had condemned Weinstein.

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Sexual harassment and rape:
The indictment against Harvey Weinstein

Some feminists, however, not only see bad things in the Argento case. The founder of the hashtag #MeToo, Tarana Burke, wrote via Twitter: "My hope is that more people, especially men, will be made public and that we are preparing for some very exhausting debates about power and humanity and privileges and suffering."

People would use the recent reports to discredit the movement, Burke wrote in another message. "Do not let that happen." The movement can only succeed if everything becomes unpleasant and you become aware: "There is no way to be a perpetrator – and there is no prototypical survivor."

actress Rose McGowan She was one of the women who first became publicly known with the accusations against Harvey Weinstein – she is also considered one of the # MeToo champions. "I met Asia Argento ten months ago," McGowan now wrote via Twitter. They would both share the pain to be abused by Harvey Weinstein. "My heart is broken." No one knew what had actually happened and she knew for certain that they would learn more. "Be careful."

also Rosanna Arquette Weinstein accuses of sexual abuse. In the case of Argento she wrote: "Trauma creates trauma … until we heal ourselves, we are all on our way to healing." Later she added that she was on the side of someone who was the victim of sexual abuse.

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Asia Argento:
Agreement for $ 380,000

On Monday, the Los Angeles authorities confirmed that they were investigating the case. I tried to talk to Bennett or his representatives, Darren Harris told the local police. Read more about the article "New York Times" and the specific accusations against Argento here. More information about the alleged victim Jimmy Bennett can be read here.

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