At the age of 43, heavy metal star Jill Janus committed suicide

What a sad news for all heavy metal fans: Jill Janus, frontwoman of the band Huntress, died – at the age of only 43! Shortly after her death it is already known how the musician died: she committed suicide! A mental illness led to her death, she would also have had bipolar disorder – and she would have cancer.

Her former friend Casey Wood had the death of Jill on his Facebook Account Confirmed: "I am shocked and can not stop crying My dear friend, the best singer left the world She was the greatest treasure and I hope her legacy will continue to live as it should! " Moreover, he wrote that he Jill always loves and misses. "My door is still open for you, peace my sister."

The members of Huntress have already commented on the death of their frontwoman: "She was long mentally ill and lived outside of Portland, Oregon." She has always talked openly about her problems because she hoped that others would talk and overcome her mental illness.

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  Huubazanger Jill Janus Twitter / Jill Janus
HUntress Singer Jill Janus
  Musician Jill Janus, 2017 Twitter / Jill Janus

Musician Jill Janus, 2017
  Musician Jill Janus, 2013 in London Getty Images

Musician Jill Janus, 2013 in London

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