Back to the origin: celebrity birthday of 1 October 2018: Jean-Jacques Annaud

01.10.2018 Paris.
Jean-Jacques Annaud has achieved worldwide cinematic fame with "The Name of the Rose" and "Longing for Africa". Now he fulfills a wish: to switch from the screen to the screen.

Jean-Jacques Annaud shot the story in Canada, the images must be fantastic – as always with the French director. But this time the result is not meant for the cinema. After many years Annaud fulfills a wish: to switch from screen to screen.

But he remains faithful to his quest for challenge. Because with his new project, Annaud, who celebrates his 75th birthday today, made the filming of a bestseller.

"The Truth About The Harry Quebert Case" by Joël Dicker was released in 2012. The novel is about the famous writer Harry Quebert, who in his backyard misses the body of a teenage teenager who has been missing for 30 years. The thriller inspired both audiences and professionals, who declared the then 28-year-old Geneva a phenomenon and his book, translated into more than 30 languages, a sensation.

With the filming of this story, he returns to a certain extent to his origins as a commercial filmmaker, the director said. He had been playing with the idea of ​​watching television for years, because he saw a new freedom in it, the French-speaking Swiss newspaper Le Temps quotes. In addition, he returns to the turning methods and a kind of spontaneity he knew as a commercial filmmaker.

Annaud made a ten-part series of eight hours from the approximately 700 pages book. First fragments were shown in Cannes at the opening of the first TV series festival "Canneseries" in April 2018 – with many positive reactions. Actually, you had expected an entire episode, but that was not finished yet. Now the series is scheduled to start on French television in the autumn.

Annaud is considered a visually stunning director and his films are difficult to categorize. His career began with the direction of TV commercials. His debut "Longing for Africa" ​​from 1976 is a satire on colonialism in the First World War. His experiences as aid workers in Cameroon in the sixties were incorporated in this.

For the film, which was recorded in Korhogo on the Ivory Coast, he received the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. His third film "In the beginning was the fire" also received a prize. For the story of a Neanderthal group during the stone age he received the coveted French Césars for Best Image and Best Director. He also received a César for Best Director for the animal film "The Bear".

The American director and producer Billy Wilder had once advised him not to repeat himself, said Annaud in Cannes. He always followed this maxim. With "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco from 1986 he had ventured to film the 500-page bestseller of the same name. In 1992 his adaptation of the eponymous autobiographical novel "The lover" by Marguerite Duras in the cinemas followed in 1997 "Seven Years in Tibet".

With the Stalingrad film "The enemy at the gates" – the authentic story of a Russian peasant boy and sniper – he turned around 90 million euros into one of the most expensive European films. With "The Wrath of the Wolves" he processed with 20 million copies and translations in more than 15 languages ​​one of the most successful novels of Chinese literature. The budget was about $ 30 million, with 80 percent coming from Chinese donors.

Many were interested in the filming of "The Truth About the Case of Harry Quebert", including Steven Spielberg, as Dicker told the French-speaking RTS. But his French publisher Bernard de Fallois, who died in January, opted for Annaud. What you can understand with regard to the successful literary adaptations of Annaud. (AP)

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