"Be one with the ocean": Bohlen explains his break from the sweater

"Be one with the ocean": Bohlen explains his break from the sweater

HAMBURG. Dieter Bohlen has misinterpreted his sweater via Instagram during the funeral ceremony for Daniel Kaiser-Kblbck.

Dieter Bohlen was ashamed of the choice of his upper part. Image: screenshot instagram

After hearing his shock at the missing Atlantic scholar and DSDS candidate in a hooded pullover that reads: "Be one with the ocean", there was a lot of criticism. Bohlen apologized quickly for this – the ON reported.

This video is about:

Now the pop musician, producer and casting TV judge explained, because it was exactly Monday: he had surprised his Carina with a spontaneous trip to Mallorca this morning, he said in a clip that was released on Wednesday. Because he had a stain on his sweater, he was "fast on", he grabbed some sweater and went down again.

They are then quickly to the train and to the airport. Arriving at the airport he felt that he should miss something against Daniel. I put myself in a corner, nobody looked at my hoodie, what's up there, of course, I made the video fast, we boarded the plane when I landed, I thought, "Oh, shit." It was just "an accident". He always looks at what's on his hoodie.

Bohlen explains here how it came to the error:

Kaiser-Kblbck had left on Sunday during a cruise from Hamburg to New York, according to Aida Cruises. Suicide intent is probably deemed. On Monday, the Canadian Coast Guard stopped searching for the missing person. The 33-year-old was once known as Daniel Kblbck through a casting show.

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