Bishop seizes Ariana Grande live on TV – Stars

The photo 's passed the world. And many who followed the live images of the funeral service for soullendar Aretha Franklin were hampered by the approach of bishop Charles H. Ellis III against singer Ariana Grande.

Visibly unpleasant

When she came on stage, he put his arm around her. His hand came dangerously close to the right breast of Grande. He did not notice it, but the singer was clearly uncomfortable (see video above).

"What is wrong with this predecessor's hand?", Many ask on Twitter. The ShitTorm on the internet took place under the hashtag "#RespectAriana".

Apology of the priest

Bishop Ellis reacted quickly and only hours later the apology came: "I would never intentionally touch a woman's chest," he said. "Maybe I crossed a border, maybe I was too friendly and informal, I apologize honestly, personally to Ariana."

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