Cave of the Lions (Vox): Carsten Maschmeyer offers a record amount for a crazy miracle pill

Cologne –

In the cave of the lions on Tuesday evening with Vox again after the best founders of Germany were searched.

The investment team led by Carsten Maschmeyer and Frank Thelen were allowed to research sleep-replacement chewable tablets, insect burghers and high-tech dolls to save children's lives.

From the biggest investment in the show to the "heaviest rejection in the history of Cave of the Lions" everything was there.

Tablets like Sleepover – Lions instantly hungry

Dr. Dr. Markus Dworak was allowed to pitch for the first time: since his dissertation 14 years ago, the 37-year-old has done research into sleep.

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Dr. Markus Dworak at the presentation of his dietary supplement.


MG RTL D / Frank W. Hempel

"Many of us walk around with a half empty tank," he says. "SmartSleep" aims to increase the efficiency of regeneration with liquids and chewable tablets, thus compensating for the lack of sleep. Carsten Maschmeyer is immediately enthusiastic.

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The Nürnberg Dworak reports from customers from the professional sport, even the German national football team uses its products. At the request of Georg Kofler he explains the fourteen-year research process. His offer: 250,000 euros for 10 percent of the company's shares.

Offer six times higher than demand

The researcher was able to fully convince: the lions make offers and suddenly fight each other for the entry.

Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel offer the desired expansion to the Asian market and find: "The company is worth much more". For a third of the company, the two offer a total volume of 1.5 million euros.

Record invested sum

The offer of Judith Williams and Georg Kofler is smaller: the two provide 20 percent of the company with € 300,000 in direct investment and marketing expertise. Frank Thelen participates in a comparable offer.

Dworak convinces the largest offer in consultation with its partner: with Maschmeyer and Dümmel two investors come – with a record amount of 1.5 million euros!

Lovers only convince Kofler

Less convincing was the product "Dot on Arts" by three mothers. They want & # 39; global glue fever & # 39; create with colorful glue dots for alternative painting.

Thelen and Maschmeyer hold the idea for "a niche in a niche" and go outside. Judith Williams is reminded of copper beads.

Only at Kofler could interest be expressed: the social media expert offers 100,000 euros for 30 percent of the shares. A third more than necessary – the founders are still very happy.

Insect office founder refuse offering

It went on – you read and wondered – frozen insect hamburgers. Two long-standing friends want their "Bug Foundation" insects to be used every day as food in the "Western world". The investors tried the burgers with critical expressions.

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The insect citizens arrived rather moderately with the lions.


MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Carsten Maschmeyer does not like the taste ", notes Frank Thelen: other burgers are" juicier ". Judith Williams was convincing, but after stubborn negotiations the founders reject their limited offer.

Investors lack expertise for lifesaving dolls

It was exciting again towards the end: with advanced technology, Dr. med. Jens Schwindt help babies born prematurely – with the simulated premature baby "Paul".

With the complex technology pop, pediatricians should be able to train the very sensitive treatment of "premature babies". The judges are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​saving lives. However, most lions lack expertise.

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Dr. Jens Schwindt (center) was able to inspire the jury members, but nothing became an investment.


MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Even Frank Thelen is the area for foreign access, but enthusiastically explains: "You're a dream founder". Carsten Maschmeyer speaks of his "heaviest rejection in the history of the Cave of Lions".


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