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"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018 began with twelve candidates. Heinz went fast, Sophia had to go out, also Pascal. Mike was kicked out on Saturday – by his friends.

  • Celebrity Big Brother 2018 has on August 17 Sat.1 started.
  • Twelve PBB candidates are fighting for victory in the WG – and a bonus of 100,000 euros. Gradually, however, they must get out.
  • All news can be found on the news blog.

Twelve stars and stars are back in 2018, probably in the probably best-known residential area of ​​the German television landscape. "Celebrity Big Brother" – in short PBB 2018 – launched on 17 August. Sat.1 broadcast the broadcast. Here is the overview of the residents of the TV-WG.

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: Who & # 39; s Out?

Mike Shiva: The star clairvoyant from Switzerland is known for his dazzling personality. He saw his housemates as the biggest challenge in the "Celebrity Big Brother" house when confronted Sat.1 said. Rightly – on August 25, his roommates took him from the famous Big Brother house.

Read more about Mike Shiva in the detailed portrait here.

Pascal Behrenbruch: The former European athletics champion of 2012 did not want to avoid a fight at home. He also seemed to have the number one figure of a "celebrity big brother" candidate: he polarized, like Sat.1 says. On Friday, after a week of Big Brother, he had to go out – the audience was not good for him.

Who is "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate Pascal Behrenbruch? Here is a portrait.

Sophia Vegas: Breast augmentation, Jungle Kamp, "Wild girls – In high heels through Africa" ​​- Sophia Vegas aka Sophia Wollersheim is always good for the headlines. The "Celebrity Big Brother" – home Sophia left after about a week after health reasons.

Read the portrait about Sophia Vegas: candidate for "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018

Heinz Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein: The self-made millionaire wanted his roommates "verbal", like Sat.1 to tell. He only earned it. In the famous Big Brother house he did not last long – even at the beginning of the season, Prince Heinz voluntarily left the building site. Click here for a portrait of Prince Heinz.

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: these candidates still live in the apartment

Silvia Wollny became known by the pseudo-documentary "De Wollnys – A terrible big family". There the 53-year-old presented as an eightfold mother with her family. With "Celebrity Big Brother" she now has the chance to make a name for the mother role.

Here we introduce Silvia Wollny in more detail.

Cora Schumacher: The ex-wife of race driver Ralf Schumacher is looking forward to Big Brother for two reasons: first, she wants two weeks away from mobile phones, she says. "So that's just like paid vacation." And secondly, she would like Big Brother & # 39; get to know. "I think the voice is very sexy! With his dry announcements I always laughed."

Cora Schumacher goes to Big Brother 2018.

Image: Henning Kaiser, dpa / archive

A portrait about Cora Schumacher read here.

Daniel Voelz: The Bachelor 2018 recently announced enough data and dating shows: "To be honest, I do not want to waste my time on dates, it is also stressful and time-consuming," he says, "that great love comes unexpectedly. "Maybe it works for celebrity Big Brother.

Read more about Daniel Völz here.

Alphonso Williams: It has become quiet around Alphonso Williams. And that, even though he was a year ago by & # 39; DSDS & # 39; proclaimed superstar. From the beginning he was considered a crowd puller, flew out due to contractual problems shortly before the live shows, was rescued by the public via a wildcard and moved to the final.

That was a year ago. And now? Alphonso has announced that it will work on a new album. The single "Everything Changes" has already been released. The appearance in the house of the "Big Brother" could promote his publicity.

Alphonso Williams did it. He wins at DSDS – and ends up in the TV container.

Photo: Henning Kaiser (dpa)

A detailed portrait of Alphonso Williams can be found here.

Katja Krasavice: On YouTube, the 21-year-old is known for her revealing videos in which she mainly talks about sex. She has 1.1 million subscribers, most recently the blonde tried as a singer. Her songs "Dicke Lippen" and "Doggy" took the German charts.

Here you will find a detailed portrait of Katja Krasavice.

Nicole Belstler-Boettcher: The 55-year-old is an actress, comes from Berlin and has already played in well-known series. She was on show at "Marienhof" for more than 15 years. Her mother is Grit Boettcher, who was also known for series and plays. Nicole Belstler-Boettcher is the mother of two children.

Would you like to know more about Nicole Belstler-Boettcher? Here you will find something.

Umut Kekilli: The ex-friend of Natascha Ochsenknecht, who was the candidate for the famous Big Brother in 2016, comes into action with Karl Heinz Fürst von Sayn-Wittgenstein. The former footballer (34) was already very interested in his female roommates before he went inside.

Johannes Haller: As a "Bachelorette" candidate he fought in 2017 for the heart of Jessica Paszka. Then followed an appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise". He is currently working with former student Yeliz Koc.

The portrait: Johannes Haller does not want to flirt with "Celebrity Big Brother"

Chethrin Schulze: It is known from various reality formats. The celebrity comes with the interview Sat.1 straightforwardly: "It will be a surprising moment if I unpack my breasts again or not", which probably means as much: she will become blank for attention.

More about her: Chethrin Schulze: From Love Island to Big Brother House

The house is full!

These are the candidates for Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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