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Silvia Wollny won "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2018. At first it did not look like a suspicion of shingles. Portrait of "Mama Wollny".

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018 ran two weeks a day Sat.1. With the announcement of candidate Silvia Wollny, the station has gone very long. Their participation with Daniel Völz and Cora Schumacher was only published on the broadcast day. However, the 53-year-old was already through a few weeks ago imageNewspaper acted as a possible candidate. "Mama Wollny" was looking forward to the challenge in the house of "Celebrity Big Brother", but sees the constant monitoring skeptically: "You can not even jump in the nose – according to good German," she says in an interview with Sat.1,

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: Silvia Wollny has a large family with eleven children

Silvia Wollny is known from the RTL2"Die Wollnys – A terrible big family." She reached a climax with her extended family in Germany, she lives in Neuss am Rhein with seven of her eleven children under one roof, which she will also use in the "Celebrity Big Brother House". most of them miss out on how they are confronted Sat.1 says.

Silvia & # 39; s new friend Harald has now taken over the role of TV father after Dieter's divorce. At the end of last year there were a lot of separation rumors in the media, but the couple denied this. The 53-year-old is also active on Facebook: before they went home, her children posted a photo of the candidate "Celebrity Big Brother" with the words "Mama is already on the edge, she will certainly let it cradle!"

Mama is already at the end of her hair, she will let it go, she certainly has our support.

Placed by
Silvia Wollny am
Friday, August 17, 2018

Silvia Wollny recently made the headlines by confessing an idiosyncratic addiction: she was addicted to cheese chips. "I have not eaten anything for ten years, no bread, no apples, no potatoes, nothing at all except these cheese flakes, because some are so satisfied," she said. She had weighed up to 234 pounds at that time. (AZ)

The house is full!

These are the candidates for Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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