Celebrity Big Brother: Daniel shows feelings and Umut goes

There were only seven! On Monday, another resident had to leave the house "Celebrity Big Brother". Meanwhile, ex – "Bachelor" surprised
Daniel Volz
33, some probably with the fact that he can show real feelings. He told about his grandfather, who died in May
Wolfgang Völz
(1930-2018), which many knew as the voice of Captain Bluebear.

Daniel Völz: "Grandpa was the best"

On Instagram the 33-year-old had already said goodbye in May and wrote a lovely photo of himself and his grandfather: "You were like a father to me, probably the most important man in my life." Daniel could now repeat this beautiful compliment with tears: "He really was the most important man in my life." He had taught him a lot – "how to deal with death". No wonder Daniel can draw the beautiful conclusion: "Grandpa was the best and still is."

Daniel Völz (left) and his grandfather

Daniel Völz (left) and his grandfather

He was on the deathbed of his grandfather

Daniel was glad that he could accompany his grandfather in the last months of his life. He could be "happy that it went so well" and that the last time with his grandfather was "very harmonious". He saw him every day. But his grandfather is also responsible for one of the most difficult – if not the most difficult – moments in his life. "I was there when the light went out," said the former "bachelor" with a fragile voice.

Cora Schumacher is looking for the man for life

While Völz and Chethrin Schulze, 26, can still find each other in the house, so do
Cora Schumacher
, 41, apparently looking for great love. But she has very precise ideas about the perfect man: 1.89 meters, he must be tall, tattooed, dark-haired and well-built – and he should be able to massage. In addition, he would like a & # 39; survivor & # 39; want to be, & # 39; which you can protect in the wild. Very sweet: Chethrin campaigned for the camera for Cora. This is "a very, very much love, she is free". But Cora needs a "rocker" on the principle of "hard shell, soft core and motorcycle".

Chethrin is looking for a man for Cora Schumacher at "Celebrity Big Brother"

Chethrin slandered Daniel's ex-girlfriends

Meanwhile, Chethrin continued to recruit for Daniel. But in a rather awkward way. She told about her roommate's ex-girlfriend, with whom she felt 100% uncomfortable & # 39 ;. When it comes to this, Chethrin becomes "bitchy". You could say it, she called Daniels & # 39; ex a & # 39; wannabe dancer & # 39 ;, a bit & # 39; freak & # 39; and a & # 39; stupid pig & # 39 ;. He, in turn, had nothing to say about his exiles, but he did not defend them.

Despair at "Celebrity Big Brother"

Schulze also received love tips from Model
Johannes Haller
30. He advised her to "make things slower" with Daniel. According to him, she must remain "unattainable" so that he must fight for her. The little darling, as Chethrin called herself, was so desperate that she asked the Big Brother for advice. But she did not receive an answer from him.

Katja Krasavice practices her lap dance

Otherwise, apparently there were apparently quite a few highlights in the past few hours. Haller and "DSDS" winner Alphonso Williams, 56, played some jokes,
Katja Krasavice
, 22, practiced her lapdance and the spectators sent a small bouquet of flowers to the "construction site" on the
Umut Kekilli
, 34, claims "urgent need for a shower". Chethrin at least shared wisdom with the others. "Aries are real flirters" when it comes to the TV star that "boils water, even with pasta".

Two games for the residents of the "construction site"

There were two games for the residents of the construction site. Although they were still able to fish from a container with a thin handle, for which there were three coins, the second challenge went wrong. Umut, Daniel, Cora and Chethrin would make multiple pedometers and get 200,000 steps within two hours. Ultimately, however, they succeeded in achieving 160,000 steps.

Couple horse and extract

In the live duel called "impostor" two residents from different areas would have to compete. It was a matter of building a tower from large blocks of polystyrene. Anyone who was at a higher level after three minutes earned himself and his colleagues from the same field a "nomination protection". At the end, thanks to Daniel and John, the "building site" was slightly larger than the "Villa" for which Katja and Umut had started. Only those two stood
Silvia Wollny
, 53, and Cora for a dismissal election.

Silvia Wollny may stay first in the house

Silvia Wollny may stay first in the house

Umut and Alphonso talk

Residents decided in favor of Kekilli and Krasavice, whose fate the public would decide. Strangely enough, it was these two who initially wanted to nominate themselves – what the "Big Brother" is not allowed to do. Eventually, Umut Kekilli did not receive enough phone calls to stay on the show. The fragment itself, however, was not so harmonious. Before the decision was announced, Williams and Kekilli were still stuck to each other because Alphonso could not call him – or wanted to – rename him again.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

"Of course I am really looking forward to the women"


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