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The shower head is used for other purposes

The shower head is used for other purposes
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In fact, the audience of "Celebrity Big Brother" has been waiting for a sex scandal with YouTuber Katja Krasavice. The expectations are now fulfilled, because on day 4 in the container of "Celebrity BB" the 22-year-old apparently no longer stopped having sex.

Katja Krasavice really enjoys herself in the bathtub. But her masturbation also houses obstacles. Because Sophia and Mike suddenly come to the bathroom. Sophia in particular does not like what Katja is doing. We also wonder: should this be?

    Katja Krasavice lends a hand in the container

Katja Krasavice lends a hand in the container
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Katja and Cora share a shower

A shower for two saves water! PS-Lady Cora Schumacher and Youtuberin Katja Krasavice instead of a coffee party, in the shower appointment and chat as long as it takes. What is the wet and cheerful language?

Katja Krasavice talks about sex in the house

Katja Krasavice moves two weeks to the Celebrity Big Brother house. Will that be two weeks without sex? In the interview she reveals how she stands in the house for sex, masturbation and co.

5 facts about "Celebrity Big Brother" Katja Krasavice

For a long time YouTuber Katja Krasavice has been a candidate for "Celebrity Big Brother" on Sat.1. Like many other candidates, it polarizes the audience there. Some love them, others hate them. The fact is: we will probably hear more of the blonde in the near future.

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