"Celebrity Big Brother": Katja Krasavice confesses the mystery

"Celebrity Big Brother": "I was pregnant": Katja Krasavice shocked by confession

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It's time – the sixth season "Celebrity Big Brother" is running. Twelve more or less familiar faces have moved to the glass TV-WG. Among the residents are also driver Cora Schumacher and former Bachelor Daniel Völz. Follow controversial discussions and shower scenes in live online FOCUS ticker.

  • Pascal Behrenbruch has already been chosen
  • Sophia Vegas leaves for health reasons
  • These candidates live together in the container: Cora Schumacher, Silvia Wollny, Daniel Völz, Alphonso Williams, Katja Krasavice, Nicole Belstler-Boettcher, Johannes Haller, Mike Shiva, Chethrin Schulze, Umut Kekili
  • It is the sixth season of "Celebrity Big Brother"
  • The program will be presented by the moderators: Jochen Schropp and Marlene Lufen
  • "Celebrity Big Brother" – Not as fake as you think: 3 secrets of the new season

23.07 clock: Sat.1 shows some scenes with Alphonso and Johannes – the new best friends. "We did not search, but found", says Johannes. For Alphonso he is even "a godsend".

22:55: After confession it is only in the commercial break.

10:50 pm: "Do not let yourself be destroyed inside, it will not work," she tells her. "It was a mistake that you would not do that a second time," she tells the YouTube star.

10:49 pm: Katja also confides herself to Silvia after Big Brother. Even her management had exerted pressure. She canceled her appointments and told the audience she was ill. "It is difficult," says Mama Wollny.

22:46: Then she made an appointment and aborted it. She regrets it, but it "would not have disappeared," she sobs. Already because it is difficult for her with a partner. "I can not build a bond with a man – except sexually or friendly."

10:45 am: "I often go with boys and sometimes you do not pay attention," she says. Then she drops the bomb: "I was pregnant," she says, "that was a year ago, but she could not have a baby because she did not want the baby to feel like she used to be", so she did not want to have children.

22:43: She had to undergo fatalities in her life time after time. She has been marginalized at school. Her brother has taken his own life. Her other brother died of cancer. "Then I told my mother that I do not want to be there anymore." Your mother would not want to be more than that. That would make her think again. From that moment on she knew she had to fight.

22:42: Now it's time for Katja's secret. "It's hard for me to talk to people." Then she entrusts herself to her big brother.

22:41: It is time for cleanliness again. The house was a bit run down in the last few days. Katja does not want to stay there and go on. Silvia still has some criticism. Everything else would have surprised us.

22:37: Sophia will not return to the container. This has nothing to do with her pregnancy, according to a letter to the residents.

22:36: Then she adds: "I do not know whether it's right or wrong to say that now, I just feel like I have to jump over my shadow and talk about how I do it."

22:35: Katja finally confesses: "I just see how others have emotions and I think why I can not allow emotions." The YouTube star is always smiling, although it usually does not work well. She could not really show her feelings.

22:32: To kill time, a bit of sport is done on the construction site. This allows residents to earn coins and buy a bit of luxury at the machine. You choose the Joker – and get a neck roll.

Unattractive past: residents feel Umut on the tooth

22:29: The residents are interested in Umut's past. He does not, however, like to talk about it. Keyword road game and the subsequent relationship. After all, Cora understands his silence.

22:27: Residents at the construction site receive masks delivered in the area. Unfortunately, only the beautiful Johannes is empty, for him only the remains are left.

22:24: Chethrin feels very close to Daniel. Yet she is afraid to misinterpret everything. A situation that probably many women know.

22:23: Let's face it again, Chethrin and Daniel. He is surprised how well they understand each other. That is almost a bit scary. "You have to be grateful to the gossip press for initiating this," says the bachelor.

10:20 am: Silvia discusses again with the other residents about the order in the house. She just can not get out of her skin …

10:18 am: Today one of the celebrities has to leave the container again. Who will it be?

10:17 am: Today, Katja Krasavice will finally talk about her secret that has put her in charge for days. There is so much to be revealed: her youth clearly plays a big role.

10:15 am: The time has come: Big Brother allows us to participate in the exciting life of the more or less famous celebrities in the container. Yesterday Pascal Behrenbruch had to pack his bags. Who meet today?

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