"Celebrity Big Brother": Katja Krasavice reveals her secret in tears

Day 8 on "
Celebrity Big Brother
"And Mike Shiva is eliminated John Haller fought against Umut Kekilli in an obstacle course and won, so she can stay in the villa, but Silvia Wollny does not like it because she thinks that who lives in the villa should lose, so that others can enjoy a bath or a bed, however boring this previously agreed loss to the public, the self-appointed mother of the country does not think about it in any way.

Sophia is gone, Chethrin is flirting

Oh, and Sophia Vegas has gone, on medical advice, even though it is
and baby goes well according to medical statement. There was wild speculation about why she went, but in the end they all wanted a good pregnancy and a healthy baby through the consulting room. But it still takes until it can be sold to the press.

Actually this episode "Celebrity Big Brother" was an irrelevant drop of lost life, only because nothing happens in this house and with these celebrities. It had to be used by the director a lot of editing techniques to show sister-sibling technibbeln ever reasonably readable short clips in which Chethrin Schulze and Daniel Völz bring something like a flirt, or Alphonso and
complained about the cleanliness in the villa. This became shockingly clear when the residents nominated each other and the cameras then sent more than 20 minutes outside the house. Without advertising breaks, without moderation, only the clenched, excuse me, I come back to it, Dünnschiss the Z-celebrities.

Insignificantly thin whistling

After all her usual verses of "the Mike, who is happy when he is allowed to go outside" was said
Mike Shiva
and Chethrin on the nomination list and viewers were invited to call their favorite.
Of course there was no more broadcast material available, so the locks and celebrities in the villa opened and the site could talk to each other. Dominant subject here, I promised yes: Mike Shiva has diarrhea. And bad. Was he ever, then he was gone, now he is back. Mother Wollny expertly advised that he should go to the doctor's office tomorrow, presumably knowing that Mike would have the opportunity to leave the house. Whispered Cora Schumacher – crying about bags that had been stolen or not, at least something was missing. What exactly could not be tested. Daniel told Olive Oil that they were withdrawing their coins from the machine (Spoiler, there is one highlight less in tomorrow's summary) and Mother Wollny was once again told by Umut that John did not let him win the challenge. Oh, and then it was diarrhea again. It is so incredibly light food that the celebrities are there.

Katja & # 39; s confession

Youtuber Katja Krasavice did not find it easy to confess her statement, which makes her actually speechless. She struggled with herself and then revealed that she could not show or tolerate feelings because on the one hand she had to deal with the loss of her two brothers (one committed suicide, the other died of cancer), but especially because in the last year she had an abortion. . In tears she confessed that she did not know who the father of the child was and that she had given the child "no chance". This traumatic experience was probably also mentioned because "Celebrity Big Brother" was about many children, especially about the pregnancy of Sophia.
The Youtuberin, she told Silvia Wollny, was aware that she would be convicted. And the eleven-year-old mother did that promptly. "You made a mistake," she told Krasavice relatively serenely and compassionately.

It is to be hoped that Katja gets more encouragement behind the scenes. Because even if the show has to go on in the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, this story is in the world and it will probably affect the Youtuberin. But this confession also showed how trivial are the many other problems that the residents have in their homes. The 21-year-old seems to be in & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; to understand how superficially she leads her own life, in which sex and the marketing of her body play an enormous role. For the live nomination she played again with her string string. The show has to go on, you know.

Celebrity Big Brother

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