Celebrity Big Brother: Sophia Vegas will not return to the house

  • Sophia Vegas will not return to the house
  • Since August 17, 2018, "Celebrity Big Brother" has been on SAT.1 for two weeks
  • The moderation is done by a duo:
    Jochen Schropp
    gets support from
    Marlene Lufen

In the summer of 2018 celebrities once again take part in the famous "Big Brother" container. For a few weeks the celebrities will live in closed spaces and especially under constant observation. Here you will find all information about the reality show, the participants and current developments of the program.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: all the news

August 24: Sophia Vegas will not return to the house

On Thursday evening the expectant mother left the house "Celebrity Big Brother" for acute complaints and requested medical treatment. Now the "big brother" announces: she will not come back. Her complaints have nothing to do with her pregnancy or the results of Silvia Wollny. The remaining eleven residents were informed by letter about the final departure of Sophia Vegas by Big Brother today:

Unfortunately, Sophia can not return home on medical advice and this decision has nothing to do with her pregnancy, she and her baby are fine, both are good. "

Sophia will say goodbye to her former roommates via a video message from the hospital bed tonight in the live show (20:15, SAT.1).

Sophia Vegas Celebrity Big Brother 2018

August 23: Sophia Vegas and Silvia Wollny are back

The celebrity WG is complete again: after Silvia Wollny on Wednesday (August 22) had to leave the house of the "Celebrity Big Brother" on doctor's advice and Big Brother who was also suspected of shingles and the pregnant Sophia Vegas from the competition, gives out is now security. After several studies the first suspicion of shingles was not confirmed, both times returned to the house.

August 22: Is it between Daniel and Chethrin today?

and Chethrin do a tender bond: after moving to the "Villa", the TV stars are at ease next to the Rosenkavalier on the couch. Probably the other residents avoid disturbing this solidarity – and so Chethrin flirts as a self-styled "flirt machine" what the stuff, throws out her wandering love and plays with her blonde hair. Only one thing needs to become clear at an advanced time: who gets which bed? "Why do not you sleep with John?" Chethrin wants to know. "It is too stuffy for me", Daniel complains. "Yes, me too …" And so it comes, as it should be: the two parts the "Villa" sofa, from head to toe, shoulder to shoulder – and Chethrin gently creeps over Daniel's arm. .

August 22nd: That's what Natascha Ochsenknecht says about ex Umut Kekili

Although Umut Kekili presented himself as a professional footballer to his roommate in the house of the Celebrity Big Brother, the 34-year-old is better known for his relationship with TV personality and model.
Natasha Ochsenknecht
, The ex-wife of actor Uwe Ochsenknecht even took part in the TV program in 2016. Talking to SAT.1, Natascha, now in love, looks back at her relationship with the 20-year-old man. "When I was at Umut, for me he was not a toy boy, he was my partner, and when I see afterwards, when I see this development, I have to say unfortunately" is her bitter conclusion after eight years on Umuts page.

The football player had betrayed the 54-year-old, after which the relationship failed in December 2017. I did not feel happy anymore, I appreciate old values, they were not there at all, "she says, adding:" Of course it's a shame, but there are people who change when they walk over red carpets for a while. I pull on the cord for myself, I keep myself and then I have taken a different path. "

August 21: Who chooses Chethrin Schulze: Umut or Daniel?

In the episode on Monday night, the self-styled flirt machine chats
Chethrin Schulze
with her new girlfriend Sophia Vegas about ex "Bachelor" -Daniel Völz. Chethrin and Daniel have already been accused of an affair. In the house "PBB" however, the "Love Iceland" -Blondine emphasizes that the two are not yet known personally. At last with the arrival of Daniel Völz is the end of the theoretical banter. From then on, the two know each other! After the first interview with the former "bachelor", the pregnant Sophia Vegas was immediately consulted: "We have to trade and again, because I spoke to Daniel the first time," Chethrin said. Contrary to expectations, she does not think the grandson of the "Captain Bluebeard" voice is as boring as he thought. "He was so funny, he tore it one after the other," she says.

Umut Kekilli, Chethrin Schulze, Daniel Völz

Umut Kekilli, Chethrin Schulze, Daniel Völz

August 20: Sad past of Chethrin

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Is it between Silvia and Sophia today?


Silvia Wollny + Sophia Vegas

Tears at Celebrity Big Brother: Strahlemann
Alphonso Williams
cries after a victorious live duel and the move to the villa in the consulting room. The reason is blonde Chethrin Schulze, who told him about her difficult childhood: "My mother left from one day to the next … It was always a perfect world to the outside, but at home it was always a hell. , just stress … suddenly you have nothing left, I was suddenly alone ", says the 26-year-old depressed.

This time Chethrin has been invented and they also believe that she is more reluctant from time to time because she no longer wants to be attacked.

Zoff on the construction site

On the building site of celebrities there are tangible men Zoff instead of tears. It is also due to a challenge that has been made for men: sanding! But in one way or another many people in the construction had problems with it. in front of
Pascal Behrenbruch
In any case, sharpening the color of small wooden blocks proved a real challenge. Although the residents of the construction site were given 90 minutes to complete the task, Pascal saw the task almost 40 minutes before the time had come to an end. The result was then anything but accurate, so that colleague on the construction site Johannes was in a lot of rage. While the professional athlete ran out of his last meters, the ex-bachelor candidate took over the lead and dragged all the blocks again personally. Thanks to his dedication there was a reward for the team at the end.

Attentive observers, however, saw a completely different scene: Katja Krasavice interpreted the task very differently … and looked after her nails.

Katja Krasavice prefers to sharpen her nails as a risk of destroying herself during sharpening.

Katja Krasavice prefers to sharpen her nails as a risk of destroying herself during sharpening.

August 18: Umut Kekilli stands up for Prince Heinz

After the surprise departure of Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein, Sat.1. announced on Saturday, which draws as a replacement candidate in the container:
Umut Kekilli
, his former football pro and former friend of Natascha Ochsenknecht.

August 17: presenter Marlene Lufen in an interview

For the first time this year, she leads the side of Jochen Schropp through the program: "Sat.1.-Frühstücksfernsehen" hosts Marlene Lufen. In the interview, the 47-year-old comes out as a "celebrity big brother" fan from the very beginning and remembers: "The Dödel of Ronald Schill, the sayings of
Désirée Nick
, the confused "Hubsi" Hubert Kah, the lap dance of David Odonkor, these were all great moments of TV entertainment for me. "On the palm of the moderator bring candidates," who can not and then not even funny, I do not want to be in the house! "If you want to meet Marlene Lufen in the container and if she sees herself at" PBB ", read her here.

August 15: This is how Chethrin Schulze prepares for "Big Brother"

"I will eat much less before I go in," says Chethrin Schulze, adjusting to the possible hunger in the TV container. What motivates the girl "Love Island" to participate in "PBB" and which item she can not miss, she reveals in an interview:

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

5 questions to … Chethrin Schulze


Celebrity BIg Brother 2018: Chethrin Schulze

August 14: SAT.1 confirms six additional candidates

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 - Candidates

Ready to move in! These six celebrities move into the hands of their big brother and move to the "Celebrity Big Brother" house: reality star Sophia Vegas (30), TV star and flirtatious expert Chethrin Schulze (26), self-produced millionaire prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein ( 64), model and heartbreaker
Johannes Haller
(30), European athletic champion Pascal Behrenbruch (33) and star clairvoyant Mike Shiva (54). For them, starting on Friday, at 20:15, you live on SAT.1 for daily challenges, status and hardships.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

SAT.1 confirms 6 new residents


Sophia Vegas

August 13: WillTuber Katja Krasavice follows in the footsteps of Schäfer in Micaela?

Katja Krasavice

YouTuber Katja Krasavice is only 22 years old.

internet phenomenon
Katja Krasavice
At the age of 22 she is one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany. With her provocative songs "Doggy" and "fat lips" she ended up in the top 10 of the German charts. Now she wants to shake up the house "Celebrity Big Brother". In the SAT.1 interview Katja answers the question if she would start something with another resident of the Big Brother house: "If I like someone, you never know what will happen," says the blonde. With whom she certainly had something, Micaela is a shepherd, she confesses. Whether the principle of "selling sex" works, the opportunities will show – the level is falling and the mood is rising.

August 9: SAT.1 officially confirms the first three candidates

There were already rumors about possible candidates, now the channel officially announced the first three residents. There are two ladies and one gentleman: YouTuber Katja Krasavice, 22, actress Nicole Belstler-Boettcher, 55, and "DSDS" winner Alphonso Williams, 56.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Katja Krasavice, Alphonso Williams, Nicole Belstler-Boettcher

  1. Katja Krasavice, 22, YouTuberin, SAT.1 calls her "the Internet phenomenon". Camera is not shy, the 21-year-old, her YouTube channel is full of sexual problems. That is why the obvious question is: would she start something with another resident in the Big Brother house? "If I like someone, you never know what's going to happen," she says. And he laughs: "I think I just masturbate all the time."
  2. Also included is the "DSDS" winner Alphonso Williams (56, "Everything changes"). "Mr. Bling Bling" was already in the run-up to the official confirmation as a hot contender for a place in the "Celebrity Big Brother" House that was being traded.
  3. Also actress Nicole Belstler-Boettcher (55) becomes a resident of the TV format. Soap fans recognize her more as Sandra Behrens, her role of the "Marienhof". The daughter of the German actress Grit Boettcher makes it because of the money: "I can afford my life, but such a luxury thing as an apartment on the beach beach would at one point be great and beautiful, great holidays are not in it. "

August 6th: Chethrin Schulze can cause a stir

"Bild" now revealed another TV star that could go into the container: "Love Island" candidate Chethrin Schulze. The 28-year-old could cause a sensation, not only because of her brutal nature, especially Daniel Völz could invent this name in the sweat. At the beginning of the year, he and Chethrin would have a liaison. The Berliner had even acted as a reason to break out with Daniel and "Bachelor" winner Kristina Yantsen. "Big Brother" probably has a very special eye on both.

25 July: Johannes Haller moves to the house "Celebrity Big Brother"

Johannes Haller

Another candidate is determined according to "image": Johannes Haller. The 30-year-old became famous in 2017 when the "Bachelorette" fought for the heart of Jessica Paszka, 28. With little success: at the beginning of 2018 Johannes again searched for & # 39; great love & # 39; at & # 39; Bachelor in Paradise & # 39; – and found Yeliz Koc, 24. Since then he has been happy with dating the Bachelor & # 39; participant. Whether there will be treats in the container through the participation and the weeks ending? You can be curious.

July 20: will Sophia Wollersheim go from LA to the container?

Sophia Vegas

What a habituation! Rumor has it that Sophia Vegas formerly Wollersheim, 30 years old, was from sunny California in the famous "Celebrity Big Brother" container tractor. The ex-wife of the red light legend Bert Wollersheim, 67, should also be known as the candidate of the "SAT.1" broadcast, according to information from "Bild". Although she has not yet signed a contract, she could have enjoyed a TV project again. Is she inspired by her ex-husband? Bert is currently in the "summer house of the stars".

July 9: Is "Bachelor" Daniel Völz present?

For weeks there is rumors in the rumor mill that will participate in the "Celebrity Big Brother". But the TV station S is silent about it. The fact that the rumors often have something proves today the announcement of Nadine Klein, the "Bachelorette" of this year. Bild.de wants to know which two candidates are in the sixth edition of the "celebrity container" drawing. Including the former "Bachelor"
Daniel Volz
, 33. Völz had tried to find great love in the eighth season of the RTL-domed exhibition as a TV bachelor – the relationship with his chosen Kristina Yantsen but has failed again.

Daniel Volz

Is he going to the "Big Brother" container?


Daniel Volz

July 5: The official start date has been set

The puzzle has ended, as announced in SAT.1, the start date for the new season has been set. Fans of the show can already look forward to the August 17 happy. From this date, on a Friday, the private broadcaster broadcasts live in the container live at 20:00. It will be interesting to see how celebrities find their way in the rules.

June 22: The candidates of "Celebrity Big Brother"

It is precisely this question that is currently being discussed the most: who pulls himself into the container as a candidate? There is currently no candidate confirmed, but there are already some speculations about the potential participants in the program, which will be broadcast by SAT.1 again. The "VIP.de" portal previously published information from industrial circles, including four potential residents.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: The Candidates – "PBB" Residents

Katja Krasavice (22) at Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Camera and spotlights she is just as many onlookers at private moments: internet phenomenon Katja Krasavice bundles strings and high heels and moves to the house "Celebrity Big Brother".

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

These are the candidates

Chethrin Schulze (26) wants to tame Big Brother

"He is the big and frightening brother, but if you try to tame him a bit and are nice to him, you'll be fine with him." Chethrin Schulze has her own plan to deal with "Big Brother". She finds the whole experiment very cool and looks forward to showing who she really is. The 26-year-old TV star lives with cameras and is already used to various other reality formats. She loves to turn heads and says about herself: "I am a flirt machine!" Who is the attractive blonde who is probably looking for a hot flirt? The big brother made sure that enough exciting roommates came in …

Sophia Vegas (30) the reality star in da house!

Who would have thought that? The rumors that Sophia Vegas, a reality star with a wasp waist, entering the house of "Celebrity Big Brother" are indeed true. Extra for "Celebrity Big Brother" leaves the 30-year-old Berliner from her new adopted homeland USA and makes his way to Cologne.

Johannes Haller (30) from dating shows to the most difficult hostel in Germany

Even wild rumors circled around him: model and heart robot Johannes Haller actually packs the suitcases and moves to the house "Celebrity Big Brother". With his sex appeal, the 30-year-old ex-Bachelorette candidate knows for sure that the hearts of the ladies beat faster. The Sunnyboy is just in love with Yeliz Koc. If he can resist his attractive roommates?

Alphonso Williams (56) is there

In 2017 he was the radiant, or better: sparkling winner of "Germany seeks the superstar": "Mr. Bling Bling" Alphonso Williams. This year he faces an even bigger challenge and moves to the Celebrity Big Brother House. Will the entertainer make the final? We look forward to his appearance in the most prominent WG of Germany.

Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) – The Prince

A self-made millionaire moves from the absolute luxury life to the "Celebrity Big Brother" house: Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein likes to test himself and impose new limits that he can overcome. No wonder he accepted the invitation from Big Brother and looks forward to his time in the house. The big brother will do everything to give him this chance. Will he be able to deal with this borderline experience?

Nicole Belstler-Boettcher (55) – Soap Star

The fans of the ARD soap "Marienhof" she is a household name: Nicole Belstler-Boettcher embodied here for many years, the popular teacher Sarah Behrens. The 52-year-old daughter of actress Grit Boettcher also made her name on the "Traumschiff", in the hospital series "In aller Freundschaft" and as presenter on the music channel Viva2. Since leaving the Marienhof Nicole Belstler-Boettcher has had several engagements in the theater and played several guest roles at the "Tatort".

Pascal Behrenbruch (33) Lone Fighter, Alpha Animal and Bad Boy

Watch, ladies, here comes a real creampie! Pascal Behrenbruch, Decathlon European Champion 2012 not only brings a great, well-trained body, but also a very bad boy attitude. "I miss the adventures in life." Celebrity Big Brother "is a big challenge for me, I need that again." says the 33-year-old about his participation.

Mike Shiva, 54, the clairvoyant stars

We see real borderline experiences approaching you … Mike Shiva, clairvoyant star of Switzerland, follows the invitation of his big brother and moves to the home community "Celebrity Big Brother". He not only has to master Big Brother's challenges, but he will also have to jump over his own shadow. Not an easy task for the successful Swiss.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jochen Schropp & Marlene Lufen are the moderators

Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp lead the big brother of celebrities through season 6.

In contrast to the partly still hidden candidates, the channel has already published the moderator duo. In 2018, SAT.1 will also focus on two faces: while Jochen Schropp, who has been working every year since 2014 since 2014, was already booked as a company, the question was who would stand by his side. The resolution is provided by the private broadcaster itself: Marlene Lufen takes on the task and leads the show with Jochen through the reality show. Lufen is currently best known as presenter at "SAT.1-Frühstücksfernsehen".

All information about "Celebrity Big Brother" in the special on SAT.1

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