"Celebrity Big Brother": Who are the viewers who send home today?

"Celebrity Big Brother" in live ticker: First "Celebrity" must go! Who will send the viewers home today?

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The sixth season "Celebrity Big Brother" is halfway. Twelve more or less familiar faces still live together in a glass-enclosed flat. Among the residents are also driver Cora Schumacher and former Bachelor Daniel Völz. Here you can follow controversial lectures and shower scenes in the live ticker.

  • The pregnant Sophia Vegas left for medical reasons
  • Karl Heinz Prince of Sayn Wittgenstein offered himself for the first day
  • Umut Kekili continues
  • These candidates live together in the container: Cora Schumacher, Silvia Wollny, Daniel Völz, Alphonso Williams, Katja Krasavice, Nicole Belstler-Boettcher, Johannes Haller, Mike Shiva, Chethrin Schulze, Pascal Behrenbruch
  • It is the sixth season of "Celebrity Big Brother"
  • The program will be presented by the moderators: Jochen Schropp and Marlene Lufen
  • "Celebrity Big Brother" – Not as fake as you think: 3 secrets of the new season

21:38: The residents must decide who can stay in the house. This does not protect the candidate from being discarded. Everyone can fly out. It continues after the advertisement.

21:36: The studio is about Pascal who does not get news from his girlfriend. Does the Turteleien probably hurt Chethrin and Katja? You could understand that! Troschke says: "I'm really sorry for him!"

Katya has a secret

21:34: "Hello woman," says Katja & # 39; s buddy. "You are doing so incredibly well (…) We love you!" She would burst into tears when she saw her mother, Katja said.

21:32: Pascal also has a message. His fitness friends send greetings from girlfriend and son. "Still a lot of energy for the coming days!", They wish.

21:30: Chethrin's sister and nephew sent a message. Likewise, her mother and her friend: "Have fun, but not too much!", So the words from home.

21:29: Big Brother comes up with a surprise. There are messages from home. The first is for Daniel Völz. His family says: "We hope you feel good, do not be angry!"

21:28: "I'm a bit worried that it might be something very serious," says Lufen about the secret of Katja. We are curious if they still like it.

21:26: The studio is about the secret of Katja. "Maybe she just misses her mother," Troschke muses. "It can really be everything with her."

21:21: "I just do not feel good," says Katja. She has a secret that you burn in the soul and worries if she should reveal it or not. "I do not know if that's right," said the blonde. "I actually knew for sure, I will never say that", says the maker. She wanted to sleep another night and wondered if she wanted to betray her or not.

"Katja teaches me a lot": Chethrin follows tuition with Sex-YouTuberin

21.18 clock: "I'm not that sexist, but Katja teaches me a lot," Chethrin said. In fact, she presses her face into her neck. The YouTuber also gives her tips on the temptation of ex-bachelor Daniel. Keyword: "reverse psychology".

21:16: Celebrity expert Vanessa Blumhagen announces that Alphonso has been her favorite so far. Daniel, Umut, Pascal and Johannes are four handsome boys to watch …

21:13: It goes on: In the studio are Evelyn Burdecki, Aaron Troschke and Vanessa Blumhagen. Burdecki, who already lived in the container, admits: "They are all so beautiful in their own way." But she would only jump into the pool with Mama-Wollny.

21.04 clock: It will continue after the advertisement.

21.01 hours: "Einstein says that everything is relative and it is all relative," Katja tries as a smart case. For example, the representation of what has been ruined is relative.

21.00 o'clock: Chethrin and Katja talk again about sex. There have been orgies before, says Katja. Chethrin points out: "The stone time people always made with a dog because they watched the animals." Smart!

20:59: "Going, selfish and mess," Alphonso thinks the behavior of the villagers. He had voluntarily relinquished the move to the villa, John musing, Chethrin, jealous Katja. "She would like to be Katja," he says.

20:57: "In this constellation I do not feel well there", says musician Alphonso about the villa. He would not be in a vortex with the lightly dressed ladies in the VIlla knowing that his wife was watching. "That's cheap," says the singer. He lacks respect.

20:54: Mama Wollny can not remember, as Ochsenknechts-Ex is called. "Unox & # 39; s face is incredibly familiar to me," she says. She wants Kekili to know where he sounds so familiar to her. He does not deal with the language. "Have you been together with a celebrity?" Says Silvia. "Yes, something like that", answers the footballer and continues the guessing game. Finally Mama Wollny concludes. "Have you ever been together with an ox?"

20:52: Chethrin and Katja form Pascal and Daniel. The Smoky Eyes and Co wear with version.

20.50 hours: The villa will be warm again. Pascal annoys Chethrin and Katja and puts his foot in their faces. As a result, the two blondes chuckle with a pillow on Pascal … Maybe even worse!

20:46: Silvia had read Sophia de Levites because she did not like it, as her pregnancy announced. But Silvia and Sophia have come closer again. "Of course I wanted to tell my family first," Sophia admits in a conversation with Silvia. For her, the idea was a "horror" if her daughter first announced a pregnancy on TV and had not told her personally. "Feel better that the dispute is out of the way," Silvia said.

8.44 hours: "I miss her like that", Nicole cries at the thought of her two children. Whether the audience will probably unite them and their little ones again today?

20:43: The pregnant Sophia tells about her doctor's visit to the construction site. 3.5 inches, her baby had grown in three weeks. Especially Nicole is on fire with children. "This is the best day of your life," she says, touched by the thought of her birth.

20.40 hours: Shortly after Silvia's return, Sophia Vegas had surfaced again. Despite earlier tensions, Silvia pushed Sophia. Thoroughbred mother Silvia tells how much she insisted on four doctors to find out if she had something contagious. To protect the pregnant Sophia.

20:37: Silvia returned to the container after her short excursion and was welcomed with hugs. The suspicion of shingles was not confirmed. "Only psoriasis," she announces. "I think it's great that you come back", says Nicole to Silvia. It used to be said that she was glad that Silvia was gone.

20:35: Pascal is not happy with the new dress. "This is scratching!", He sighed …

20:33: Chethrin and Pascal have to go to the doctor's office. You are sick of it. Big Brother saw that Chethrin took Nicole cheese. Pascal had thrown chocolate on the construction site. As a punishment, the two "special skills" must carry. "I'm sorry," Chethrin apologizes. The two must make brown potato bags.

"Have you been nice and satisfied yesterday?"

20:31: "That was really a very special evening yesterday, "said Chethrin. That has done so well. "Meanwhile, Nicole Belstler-Boettcher sets up in the interview box:" Not mine. "Alphonso asks Katja immediately:" Are you pretty satisfied? Yesterday? "The short answer of the blonde:" Yes! "

20:29: Pascal sounds in the morning after the pool party he had to flee from the bed because the girls had come too close to him. In fact, he is lying on a big cushion on the lawn. Chethrin has a hangover.

20:26: Alphonso Williams can hardly believe that he has been in the container for more than a week. "I will miss this goddamn construction site, how cute," he says. He seems to have closed his roommates in the heart. Meanwhile, Big Brother awakes in the villa Chethrin, Katja, Daniel and Pascal.

20:24: In the house the roommates discuss babies. "They simply turn around in the water," says Katja Krasavice. The woman knows her way …

20:21: There is a resident in the house. Sophia Vegas sends a message with the message: "It took me to the hospital, not because of the rubella, but other medical interventions." I almost miss you everyone! "She says," I feel good and the child is doing well, "said the blonde, not to return to the container.

20:17: Good mood is on the construction site. The residents are also together in the villa. Now Big Brother says, "Today is your journey to the next crucial stage," he announces. "One of you has to leave the house today, you are all nominated."

20:15 pm: Let's go! Welcome back to the prison of celebrities … It is day 7 – Halftime. How is the state of mind after a week?

20.12 clock: Soon it will be time again and we will get the long-awaited look in the Sat1 cell for celebrities. Today it will be particularly interesting because the first occupant is sent home by the spectators. Who will that be? We are curious!

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