Chethrin and Daniel finally land on the couch – TV

Anger, anger, tears and tender feelings on the 5th day in Celebrity Big Brother Container:

The eildans between Chethrin and Daniel escalates and is beating on the bench. Chethrin denies having ever had anything to do with Daniel, although she would be a Pantscherl. Still, it crackles well. Now they both live in the villa, they come closer. She throws him in love and looks playfully at her.

So, by chance – the lovebirds come together on the couch

The Balzritual reaches its climax when the two lovebirds have to decide who sleeps where. "Why do not you sleep with John?" Asks Chethrin. "It's too stuffy for me," Daniel immediately finds an excuse. "Yes, I also …", the blonde says eagerly. After some printing they land together – what a surprise – on the couch. Head to head, from shoulder to shoulder – and Chethrin can not keep her fingers off Daniel and gently crawls his male arm. The first step has been made …

Silvia cooks, sucks, complains, …

It is also harmonious on the site. While Chethrin and Katja are celebrating in the villa, Silvia cooks on the site. She can not sleep. Instead she sits down at the table, smokes the chain and hurts angrily. It becomes 4 and yet she can not sleep. The next day she opened her anger at the "Big Brother": "I want to sleep one day, I'm awake all the time because I can not sleep because of the terror there." Such people can also be asked to rest it can not be so. "- But the" Big Brother "does not care about the brother or sister, it will not be long before Silvia explodes, will she unpack her mop?

Crybaby Nicole sinks away in the sea of ​​tears

Nicole Belstler-Boettcher breaks out: "I'm not in a good mood today." I feel a bit alone here today. "

Alphonso cuddles Nicole until she gives peace

When the blinds between the villa and the construction site rise and everyone cheers, Nicole breaks all the dams. She cries like a castle dog. While the company just seems empty, Alphonso pulls herself up and brakes her before she can disappear through the building site door. Then there is a hug first. But Nicole whistles out of the last hole – and the crybaby should not expect too much pity.

Celebrity Big Brother clicks:

Katja finds it dirty and masturbates in the shower (day 4):

Katja masturbates in the shower: Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Day 4 (21.08.2018)

Day 3

Celebrity Big Brother – Day 3

Zickenkrieg in the container:

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – Episode 3

Sophia is shy (episode 2):

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – Episode 2: Sophia is pregnant

Prince goes, Katja and the porn banana (notch):

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – 1st episode: Prince gives up

Celebrity Big Brother – The Candidates:

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 – The candidates

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