Did Duchess Meghan – like Kate – have this bracelet?

When Duchess Kate married the royal house, she received a special gift from her stepmother: a dreamy bracelet that symbolizes her attachment. Did her sister-in-law Duchess Meghan get one?

Duchess Camilla (71) gets along well with the wives of her step-sons, many photo's show their affection for each other. When Prince William (36) married his Catherine (36), Duchess Camilla even gave the Duchess of Cambridge a beautiful golden charm bracelet.

The pendant shows on one side a "C" for Catherine with a crown, on the other side a "C" for Camilla and a crown. A sign of solidarity, the British magazine "Hello" notes.

Duchess Kate clearly loves the bracelet. She was first seen wearing the jewelry in June 2011, two months after her marriage. She presented it during a visit to Windsor when she and Prince William presented service medals to members of the Irish Guards. When she visited Wimbledon, Catherine wore the charm bracelet again, as in the Polo in July 2011.

Royal fans now wonder whether the Duchess of Sussex has also received such a gem from her stepmother. Your figure would be an "M" with a crown, just like Catherine's.

That Duchess Meghan (37) was lovingly accepted in the family of her husband, is always noticeable. After all, it was Prince Charles, 69, who led her to her bridegroom because her own father did not attend the wedding. Charles also cared for the mother of his daughter-in-law, who had come alone.

Camilla and Meghan understand each other well. At the garden party shortly after the wedding, they chatted and held each other for a moment – a very loving gesture.

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