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What do you see in the picture? A scarf?


Does the scarf remind you of a vulva?

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Well, the unfortunate color scheme has probably made it possible for some to see something else. More specifically, a female sexual organs.

The "Vulva scarf" from the Italian luxury design house Fendi is now making the round online. And whoever will wear it after this flop will probably have to be very brave.

Probably made by the special Drappierung for the photo of the visual impression, you would have something else in mind. The scarf, made of wool and real fox fur (Fendi is known for its fur creations), will not sell as fast.

Moreover, you have to put up 800 euros. Everything has started twitterwhen a user asked if she only had the impression that the scarf had a special function. The rest is viral history.

The "New York Post" called the scarf a "hairy vagina", "Jezebel" meant that you had to remember something, it just would not work what exactly …

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