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Also in & # 39; He is back & # 39; did you play a scenario: that Hitler suddenly appears again. What are your parallels between your two novels?
Both work as an experimental setup. I accept an opportunity and try to do it as realistic as possible. Cheating is not applicable. In my new novel I manage several hundred thousand refugees with understandable means to the German border. I am curious when the first claims that it could not happen. The only thing I actually influence independently of real conditions is the speed with which my story develops.

"The Hungry and the Sated" is also a bitter media satire with cynical TV makers and a quirky trash presenter. Have you written your own experiences of the soul?
That would mean that I suffered from my industry and found media people terrible. It is not like that. Of course there is this cynical industrial jargon, but that is the same in the construction. You just talk a little harder, and when visitors come, you adjust in tone. I also do not blame the media for my novel – I just show what they do and how they anticipate our desires a bit.

The media show us what they are interested in.
And they are usually not that bad. It is up to us to prove that we want to see something completely different. But that is not what we do. We're angry, what a mess on TV, but we're looking at it. That is the job of the media. On the one hand, the language of the TV makers in my book is very violent, on the other hand it is also very funny. I enjoyed it.

Timur Vermes: "The Hungry and the Sated" (Eichborn, 509 p., 22 euro). The author will read on Tuesday, August 28 at 8:15 pm at Hugendubel am Marienplatz, admission 12 Euro

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