Heavy youth: Katja bursts into tears at BN!

Katja Krasavice (22) finally speaks the plain text! Already on Friday night it became clear: the erotic star is a bit heavy for the soul. In the Celebrity Big Brother container, the blonde announced that she wanted to reveal a dark secret – but did not come out of the seventh episode of the reality show, which really bothers her. In today's edition can Katja do not stop her thoughts: Big tears roll over the face of the slippery influencer!

"I can say that my youth was not that easy because I'm different", opened Katja in conversation with Big Brother. What she means exactly does not betray her yet. But she noticed in the house that she was cold: "I just see how others have emotions and I think why I can not allow emotions." The YouTube star is always smiling, although it usually does not work well. "I do not know if it's right or wrong to say that now, I just feel like I have to jump over my shadow and talk about how I do it," Katja in the consulting room – and then pour out her heart.

What exactly the 22-year-old loads, the viewers, however, only experiences tonight when & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; flickers on the screens again. According to her revelation, self-proclaimed Mrs Bitch shouts at Wollny-chef Silvia (53). She tells the eleven-year-old mother what happened to her a year ago. & # 39; Your life has changed, & # 39; notes Silvia.

Katja Krasavice in the eighth episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Sat.1
Katja Krasavice in the eighth episode of "Celebrity Big Brother"
Katja Krasavice on the eighth day of Celebrity Big Brother, Sat.1

Katja Krasavice on the eighth day of "Celebrity Big Brother"
Silvia Wollny im Celebrity Big Brother, za. 1

Silvia Wollny in the house "Celebrity Big Brother"

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