"I love you, ladies.": Selena Gomez can make friendship tattoos – mixed things

Los Angeles (AP) – The American singer Selena Gomez (26, "It Is not Me") now wears her best friendships under her skin.

On Instagram she placed several photos during the weekend and showed her in a tattoo parlor where she and four of her best friends poked the number four. "4 because you are the four of you for the rest of my life," Gomez wrote. "I love you, ladies."

In addition, the singer had one of the three women puncture the number one above the ribs. The girlfriend was her "real number one", stated Gomez's choice for this tattoo. "You are an incredible woman," she wrote. "The way you deal with the most confusing moments in life is indescribable and full of grace."

Gomez recently published several songs in 2017. Afterwards she withdrew from the audience for some time because she had to undergo a kidney transplant because of the autoimmune disease lupus. The past few weeks she was again interested in the media, because her ex-partner, the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, had become engaged to the model Hailey Baldwin.

Gomez and Bieber were always a couple between 2011 and 2014, earlier this year the media had speculated about a love comeback of the two.

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